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Episode 141 – Destiny Heros

Do you play Destiny HEROs? What kinds of cards do you run with them? Are you a Pure DHERO player, or do you use them as an engine? If you…


Episode 140 – Set Talk – Duelist Alliance

A discussion on the Duelist Alliance set and what it brings to the game: Shaddolls, Monarchs, Super Heavy Sams, Performapals and more! Any comments not discussed in this episode will…


Episode 139 – Shaddolls

In this week’s episode, Shaddolls take the center stage! We also do a long round of listener comments and questions! More to come next week!


Episode 138 – Pendulum Cookies

An overview of the new Pendulum monsters and game mechanic. We discuss some of the decks we’ve tried them out in, and our thoughts on the mechanic as a whole.We…


Episode 137 – News and Things

Matt, Justen, and Kyle return to discuss the new decks they’ve been playing as well as the new July Ban List and rule changes!


Episode 136 – Jinzo and Pre Ban List Talk

Who hasn’t flirted with the idea of a Jinzo deck? Kyle and Matt take spend some time play-testing and discussing Jinzo based decks, while also getting into a pre ban…


Episode 135 – Fish and Swaps and Madolches

A Combo-sode of sords! We talk about our experience with the spell card Fish and Swaps, while Justen gives an update on Madolches post Primal Origin.


Episode 134 – Artifacts

In this episode, we take a look at Artifacts and discuss the benefits of running pure builds versus hybrid builds.


Episode 133 – Dark Magician

We’re back with Dark Magician decks and discussion. We go over what worked, what didn’t, and how we feel about the new support. We also discuss news!


Episode 132 – Set Talk – Dragons of Legend

We discuss our opinions of the new set, Dragons of Legend, as well as go over each of the cards in the set.