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Episode 131 – Rank-Up Magic

We discuss our regionals trip, the upcoming Dragons of Legend set, as well as our Rank-Up Magic decks.


Episode 130 – Geargia

Despite the readily available Machine hate, Geargias have seen a lot of competitive play recently. We delve into why they’ve become popular and discuss Geargia strategy. Check out the Official April…


Episode 129 – Noble Knights and Ban List Talk

A broad discussion on the new April 1st Ban List, News, and Noble Knights. Check out the Official April 1st 2014 Ban List.


Episode 128 – Pre-April 2014 Ban List and Regionals

A discussion on the upcoming April 2014 Ban list and our trip to regionals. After the show wraps up, we discuss our current Yugioh activities. Check out the Official April 1st…


Episode 127 – Battlin Boxers

Is Battlin Boxer Lead Yoke powerful enough to lead the Battlin Boxer archetype out of the shadow circuits and into the spotlight?


Episode 126 – Sylvans

What does a short discussion on Primal Origin, a topping Ghost Trick deck, and an in-depth discussion of Sylvans have in common?


Episode 125 – Beasts

Primal Origin information has been released, giving us a chance to discuss our looking forward-to’s for that pack. We also discuss the Beast decks we’ve been running for the past…

Vampire Bram Splash

Episode 124 – Vampires

Beware their silvery fangs, their hollowed eyes and icy words. Vampires and their kingdom are the focus of our podcast this week!


Episode 123 – Ghostricks

We discuss the surprisingly flexible strategies, plays and hybrids of the Ghostricks archetype! Click to Listen Online Right Click/Save As to Download >Episode 123 – Ghostricks< Ghostricks are here to…


Episode 122 – Bujins

A discussion on the cards and plays that make Bujins run. We go over their effects and the decks we tested for the podcast. Click to Listen Online Right Click/Save…