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Episode 121 – New Year, New Meta

We’re back! We discuss the banned list, upcoming sets, and our expectations for the meta..


Episode 120 – January 1st 2014 Banlist Speculation

Dragon Rulers, Evilswarms, Mermail, Prophecy, Constellars, which of these decks deserve judgement? In anticipation of the new banlist, Matt and Kyle discuss their predictions, as well as their hopes, for…


Episode 119 – After Regionals

Discussing a tad bit of news, but also our feedback from our most recent Regionals trip. Our take aways, plans for the future, and current Yugioh doings lay within!


Episode 118 – News and Talk

We discuss news and our latest Yugioh endeavors. Click to Listen Online Right Click/Save As to Download >Episode 118 – News and Talk<


Episode 117 – Blue-Eyes Structure Deck Ideas

An episode devoted to worshiping the Blue-Eyes White Dragon in all its wonder and majesty. We sing tale of its wondrous accomplishments, terrifying power, and shining divinity. Click to Listen…


Episode 116 – I Can See Your Aeolo

In this episode, Justen, Kyle and Matt discuss the Shadow Specters set before it releases and


Episode 115 – He’s Running the Kitchen Sink

In this episode, we discuss news and listener comments.


Episode 114 – September to December Meta Discussion

Our discussion on the subject of quarterly Banlists, big Meta shifts and our plans for the coming format abound as we take in Yu-Gi-Oh!’s new changes.

Banlist Speculation

Episode 113 – Banlist Speculation

A little late, but nevertheless interesting, we discuss some of the speculation going around for the banlist, as well as our personal feelings towards some of the cards in our…

Episode 112 - Judgement of the Light

Episode 112 – Judgment of the Light

We run through the new Judgment of the Light set and give you our thoughts on most of the cards to look out for.