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Episode 111 – Chicago Nationals

We discuss the — oh so surprising results — of the Nationals Event in Chicago.

Constellar Splash - YCGPodcast

Episode 110 – Constellars

Constellars, are a fast, powerful archetype with few drawbacks. We discuss the most their most effective monsters and strategies.


Episode 109 – Evilswarms

The crew returns, discussing their adventures in Yugioh, our topic today: Evilswarms, in all their swarmy goodness.


Episode 108 – All Talk

Matt and Kyle discuss their doings over the past few weeks, as well as their current joint deck efforts.


Episode 107 – Elemental Dragons

Matt, Kyle, Justen and special guest Joe discuss the tidal wave, or inferno rather, or quake, no..typhoon? Well, the something that Elemental Dragons (Dragon Rulers) bring to the Meta. That…


Episode 106 – Lord of the Galaxy

Kyle, Justen and Matt discuss the most important facts about the upcoming set, cards they’re looking forward to, and review the set as a whole.


Episode 105 – Regionals Talk

Recalling events from their April 20th regionals, the crew discusses how they did, what they did, and how they might do that differently.


Episode 104 – Fire Fists

Fantastico! Before you stands an ever increasing army of ferocious, feral fiery fisticuffs. Matt shares some knowledge he’s gained from playing Fire Fists, and the crew¬†discusses¬†just what makes this archetype…


Episode 103 – Blackwings II

A back and forth discussion on what might make Blackwings a playable threat, fun, and consistent.


Episode 102 – Knight of Stars

The Crew Discusses the upcoming Hidden Arsenal set, which includes Evilswarms, Constellars, and…those two other cards.