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January 1st 2015 Ban List

The new January 1st ban list has been posted by Konami for the TCG. Here it is:


Official October 1st 2014 Ban List

Check out the Official October 1st, 2014 Ban List. A thoroughly telling list.


What’s With Traps?

A short discussion on the way newer archetypes are being created involving Trap Cards.


Episode 138 – Pendulum Cookies

An overview of the new Pendulum monsters and game mechanic. We discuss some of the decks we’ve tried them out in, and our thoughts on the mechanic as a whole.We…

Dead or not

Dealing with Hands and Artifacts

Primal Origin is now upon us and with that breaks out a whole new meta. How do we deal with that?


Don’t Destroy Stuff.

If we take a peek into the future, a meta resilient to destruction is just around the corner. How should we deal with this?


Rulings: Resolving End Phase Effects

This is a ruling that has come up with the YCG cast, amongst ourselves and also at high level events that most people don’t know how to resolve. I will now make…