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Advanced Yugioh Logic – The Draw Phase

[ I’m going to take a few articles to go over the kinds of terminology, actions, and interactions players can have throughout their turn.   With the Problem Solving Card…


Banishing – Everyone’s Doing It

While taking part in the Seattle Regionals, I realized how integral Banishing has become to dueling in general. Most mainstream decks have an element of it, while the top decks


September 2013 Banlist: Holy…

So, the TCG ban list for September 2013 is officially revealed. As a surprise to everyone, it’s completely different than the OCG’s list. Here it is:


Types of Special Summoning – Yugioh Rulebook

Curious about the mechanics behind Special Summoning? Matt and Kyle explain the various ways in which monsters are Special Summoned to the field. They cover Inherent Special Summons, Effect Special…

Types of Normal Summon - Splash

Basic Types of Summoning – Yugioh Rulebook

A quick walkthrough of the ways monsters get into the Monster Card Zones. We go over Normal Summoning, Setting, and Flip Summoning, as well as what happens when summonings are…


Thunder King Rai-Oh – Yugioh Rulebook

The rulings and mechanics that surround the infamous Thunder King Rai-Oh are explained, along with some common card interactions that you can reference if you find yourself in a confusing…


Drawing versus Searching

Hey, Matt here. I’ve been thinking about this subject for a while and wanted to get your thoughts on the matter. So, Konami has transformed Yugioh into a game where…