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Regional Report

As is my custom, here’s a report from my most recent Regional event, however good or bad it may be.


Bujin Deck Profile, Post LVAL

To supplement our upcoming Bujin Podcast, here’s the deck I’ve been working on for the discussion. I’ve been having some great success with it. This build is post Legacy of…


Post Ban List Lightsworn Stuff

We saw the ban list, and who would’ve thought, but Dragon Rulers got hit! This of course effects Lightsworns as well, so we need to change some things.


Lightsworn Chaos Rulers

As I said in my previous article, I’m quite short on ideas. Lots of cards coming out in the future that I have almost no cares about and other present…


Prisma HEROs

With it being the beginning of the new format, I’m mostly just churning lots of ideas around and have no real concrete ideas about strategy and “anti-meta” deck building philosophy…


5 Deck Lists of Interest

The format has taken a drastic turn with the new ban list and it’s kind of hard to see what’s going to be good. Here’s 5 quick deck lists for…


Lightsworn Ruler Update

As per request, another update to how Lightsworns are doing and some more theor-i-oh for the deck.