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Dinomist Deck for 2016

Testing Dinomists I can’t believe how easy the Dinomist archetype is to use. Without any real thought, I shoved the entire Dinomist line-up into a build, including their spell and…

Dead or not

Are Dragon Rulers Dead?

A question after the ban list. Is it possible that the Dragon Ruler deck is still a player in the new meta?


Let’s Make MPB: Extra Deck

Back again, more Mecha Phantom Beasts again, but this time we talk about the Extra Deck.


Let’s Make MPB: Basics

My recent Yu-Gi-Oh! fascination has been Mecha Phantom Beasts. Explore the archetype with me and some of my thoughts. For this article I talk about the original set of Mecha…

Deck Profile: Machinas

Here’s a quick deck profile for a deck I’ve been using as of late. It’s not exactly a “fun deck” as much as it is a competitive deck. I built…

Lightray Sorcerer Part 2

   Sup, back again with some of my other ideas with Lightray Sorcerer, and now that the pre-release has happened its a little more prevalent. Today I’ve got some idea with…

Card Review: 3 Underrated Cards.

Hello, I’m back with some more articles after the Christmas break. For today I’ll be looking at 3 cards I feel where overlooked and deserve some thought.