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Card Review: Magic Deflector

The format may be ending soon, but that doesn’t mean this card can’t be good later.


Sylvan Deck Profile, Post Primal Origin

Here’s the Sylvan deck I ended with for my testing for the Sylvan podcast.


Card Review: Obedience Schooled

I promised an article about Behemoth the King of All Animals, but the more I contemplated what to put in my article it made more sense to make it about…


Bujin Deck Profile, Post LVAL

To supplement our upcoming Bujin Podcast, here’s the deck I’ve been working on for the discussion. I’ve been having some great success with it. This build is post Legacy of…


Lightsworn Ruler Update: 11/18/13

Quick article this week. The local power company had shut off my power for a day and it ended up befuddling my internet, so I couldn’t do any work on…


Lightsworn Ruler Update 11/4/13

Shadow Specters just had the Sneak Peak this weekend, meaning I’ve gotten my hands on some of the new cards a little early. A couple new ideas for Lightsworns have…


Let’s Make MPB: Basics

My recent Yu-Gi-Oh! fascination has been Mecha Phantom Beasts. Explore the archetype with me and some of my thoughts. For this article I talk about the original set of Mecha…