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Heraldic Beasts GO!!

This week I’ll get back into the swing with some more deck ideas. Today’s idea is Heraldic Beasts and all that they entail.


Teach Me How to Chidori

‘Sup everybody, today I’ve got an¬†article¬†about a card recently released in Cosmo Blazer: Lightning Chidori. I’m sure most people looked at this card and thought something along the lines of…


Card Review: Breakthrough Skill

Note this before reading, this is my opinion and that is all it is, so you don’t have to agree. Moving along though, I felt like this card had to…


Matt’s Cosmo Blazer Top 5

I think Cosmo Blazer looks like a really fun set. As you may have noticed, it seems like they’ve given the pack a lot of cards that will be good…

A Look Into the Future

‘Sup everybody? Thanks for reading these articles if you are reading them right now, because you’re awesome! Today I’m going to be doing something a little out of the norm,…