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Top 10 Cards I Want Out of the Game

Because I have nothing else to write about this week, for your reading pleasure: 10 cards I’m tired of seeing.


After Regionals Thoughts

Hey, Kyle here. Busy week, so just some quick thoughts after regionals.


YCG Podcast Update 9/1/14

Update on the YCG podcast crew and going ons.


Quick Podcast Update

Just a quick update on the going-ons of the YCG Podcast.


Episode 125 – Beasts

Primal Origin information has been released, giving us a chance to discuss our looking forward-to’s for that pack. We also discuss the Beast decks we’ve been running for the past…

What ever happened to HEROs?

HEROs are pretty much off the map right now. The decks has considerably bad match-ups against a lot of high teir decks like Machinas, Dark Worlds Chaos Dragons, Agents and…

Episode 078 – Banned List

Click to Listen Online Right Click/Save As to Download Episode 078 – Banned List Kyle, Justen, and returning guest Joe Mecham discuss the Banned List and their thoughts and feelings…

Update on Ycg Happenings!

I hope you have been enjoying your summers and summer breaks. It’s been a really big summer for yugioh, and for the Ycgpodcast crew as well. Somehow, during this tIme…

Deck Profile: Traditional Dark Worlds…

Really quick article for this week, I kind of had to scrounge it up at the last minute. This last week was finals and the day after finals was PAX,…