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Archfiend Decklist3

Archfiend Update

Had a lot more work and school than expected this week so I didn’t have time to work out the entire Mecha Phantom Beast article I wanted. So, that theri-Oh!…


Deck Profile: Archfiends

In my previous article about Regionals I mentioned I wanted to run Archfiends instead of my Lightsworn Ruler deck. This is the deck profile of the deck that I was…


9/21/13 Seattle Regional Report

Howdy, it’s me Kyle! Just got back from the Washington Regionals. Went 6-3 which is meh, but I’ll do a tournament report anyways, talk about some other stuff within the…


Ninja Dragon Successors

So, I had some ideas that congealed into one full idea of a Dragon Ruler deck that uses Ninjas. It’s boring from the surface, but pretty silly and awesome in…


5 Deck Lists of Interest

The format has taken a drastic turn with the new ban list and it’s kind of hard to see what’s going to be good. Here’s 5 quick deck lists for…


Blackwing Deck Profile

Last week I showed you some of the new things added to the Blackwing’s arsenal. This week I’ll give those ideas a little more form with the deck I’ve been…


Lightsworn Ruler Update

As per request, another update to how Lightsworns are doing and some more theor-i-oh for the deck.


Quick Deck Update

I did say I’d have no article on Monday, but I planned ahead a little and made a deck update.


Deck Profile: Lightsworn Ruler

Hey, so I was experimenting with Lightsworns, seeing what I could do. Then all the sudden I had this deck that was freakin’ nuts.


The Last HERO From Another Planet

Been a busy week, so I’m just going to fall-back on an update on my current HERO deck.