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Synchro Summoning - SplashBeast

Synchro Summoning – Yugioh Rulebook

Intro Synchro Summoning is a way to gain consistent access to powerful monsters that are always available. Synchro Summoning solves a problem found in tribute summoning, fusion summoning, and ritual summoning….


Fusion Summoning – Yugioh Rulebook

Fusion Summoning gives players the chance to combine two or more monsters into one that is generally going to be more powerful. Because of the risk involved in sacrificing monsters,…


Types of Special Summoning – Yugioh Rulebook

Curious about the mechanics behind Special Summoning? Matt and Kyle explain the various ways in which monsters are Special Summoned to the field. They cover Inherent Special Summons, Effect Special…

Types of Normal Summon - Splash

Basic Types of Summoning – Yugioh Rulebook

A quick walkthrough of the ways monsters get into the Monster Card Zones. We go over Normal Summoning, Setting, and Flip Summoning, as well as what happens when summonings are…


Thunder King Rai-Oh – Yugioh Rulebook

The rulings and mechanics that surround the infamous Thunder King Rai-Oh are explained, along with some common card interactions that you can reference if you find yourself in a confusing…