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Author Topic: Stall Warriors Help
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Post Stall Warriors Help
on: March 12, 2014, 19:19

Monsters: (20)

2x Gagaga Gardna
2x Blue Flame Swordsman
2x Goblindbergh
2x Marauding Captain
2x Achacha Archer
1x Necro Garnda
1x Tasuke Knight
1x The Immortal Bushi
1x Bull Blader
1x Spell Striker
1x Tatakawa Knight
1X Goblin Attack Force
1x Trident Warrior
1x Warrior Lady of the Wasteland
1x Zubaba Knight

Spells: (12)

3x Magnum Shield
3x The Warrior Returning Alive
2x Enemy Controller
1x Reinforcement of the Army
1x Ego Boost
1x Dark Hole
1x The A. Forces

Traps: (8)

2x Kunai with Chain
1x Waboku
1x Call Of The Haunted
1x Draining Shield
1x Magic Cylinder
1x Memory Loss
1x Dark Bribe

Extra Deck: (8)

1x Number 17: Leviathan Dragon
1x Number 30: Acid Golem of Destruction
1x Gagaga Cowboy
1x Number 85: Crazy Box
1x Comics Hero King Arthur
1x Number 44: Sky Pegasus
1x Number 39: Utopia
1x Number C39: Utopia Ray

So, yeah my deck seems to stall well, but it has no win condition. I would like it to be a deck that gets strong XYZ or Synchro monsters out to win games. Currently it can get xyz out fairly quickly, but lacks any way to protect them causing them to die pretty quickly.
I only recently got back into YUGIOH (previously played from series 1 to intro of 5ds), so I am missing a lot of staples and current meta cards.
Would it be better to try and fix this deck, or try another deck?

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Post Re: Stall Warriors Help
on: March 19, 2014, 17:39

So, first off, you have bad XYZ monsters. Bad in terms of non-aggressive. You just can't scare people with Leviathan Dragon or Utopia, and your monsters are there as material for them.

I would suggest buying at least one Six Samurai structure deck (because of the warriors). You'll get some extra spells and traps, and you'll be able to refine your warrior based deck more.

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  1. ozz_the_barkeep

    The idea of the deck is extra swords effect with conjunction of king of feral imps. Zombies are kinda slow in comparison and gadgets use the normal summon for themselves…..extra sword is usually the target

  2. ghostwalker79

    What’s the diff between Devpro and Percival18…I’ve been on percival18 for a few months noe..Love it!

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  4. Meta Resuscitation

    Is it consistent? High chance of dead hands? I really want to make buster blader meta because of all these blue eyes topping championships in the OCG, it’s really bad.

    So far i’ve seen engines like Brilliant fusion, hieratics and all to get out tzolkin and in turn get your board protected with the big guys such as Crystal wing, hope harbringer and red archfiend dragon abyss. That’s 1 mechanic.

    Another mechanic is using sage and mausoleum of white. That has dead hands too.

    The lightsworn one is quite good because of its milling power but you can be quite sure you’re not really milling the right stuff sometimes, or that what you’re supposed to mill is in your hand (like wulf)

    There’s this new card tho: Torque Tune Gear: Once per turn, you can either: Target 1 face-up monster you control; equip this card to that target, OR: Unequip this card and Special Summon it. The equipped monster is treated as a Tuner monster, also it gains 500 ATK and DEF. (If the equipped monster would be destroyed by battle or card effect, destroy this card instead.)


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