Gishkis Part 4 – Gishki Support – HEROs

In my last article, I talked about the Ritual Djinn monsters and how their accessibility provides Gishkis lock-down and field control effects. This article will focus on HEROS, specifically the extra force they can bring to Gishkis.

Elemental Hero Stratos and Summoner Monk
When I talked about the Gishki Core, Summoner Monk was an important monster that provided quick access to defense and offense. That trend continues since Monk now has further reach with Elemental Hero Stratos as a target. Usually, you Monk into a Gishki Marker by pitching the Gishki ritual spell, Gishki Aquamirror. Now, instead of summoning the marker, you can summon Stratos and give yourself a few different options.[divider]

Destiny Hero – Malicious
Since Malicious is a Level 6 monster, it works really well with Mind Augus. It can be used as the entire tribute and it provides access to an instant Rank 6 XYZ Monster.

Malicous and a Water monster can be sent to the Graveyard for Future Fusion when you target Elemental Hero Absolute Zero. You can use it to set up plays for ritual summons, Gishki Beast, or Salvage.[divider]

Elemental Hero Bubbleman
As a water monster, Bubbleman can be used with Salvage and Moray of Greed. He’s also a valid target for Future Fusion. Bubbleman’s second effect, the one that allows him to be special summoned from the hand, isn’t an effect to be on. There is most likely a ritual monster, Gishki Beast, or a common threat stopping monsters like Effect Veiler and Gorz in your hand. So, so you won’t be able to set all of your spells and traps to summon him. It can happen though, the ritual monsters can be easy to summon and monsters like Gishki Shadow turn themselves into spells, not to mention you have Moray to cycle your hand.

Bubbleman and Stratos bring with them a few unique Rank 4 options in Blade Armor Ninja and Number 16: Shock Master.[divider]

Miracle Fusion and Parallel World Fusion
Miracle Fusion helps Gishkis control the field while they are not ritual summoning. Controlling an Absolute Zero means you have some breathing room, since any water monster on the field will boost Zeros attack. The Miracle Fusion and the Zero can be recovered later with Mind Augus, or the Zero on the field can be used as a tribute for Soul Ogre.

Depending on the state of the game, Parallel World Fusion can set up a few pretty smooth plays. If a Malicious and a Gishki water monster are banished, putting that Mali back in the deck usually means you have one sitting in your graveyard ready for use. This could mean another Rank 6 or tribute, even another Miracle Fusion of that is done. It returns any water monsters you may have banished and wanted back, ready to be searched out again.[divider]

HERO Spells
There are a lot of spells commonly associated with Heros that I feel are common knowledge, but I will still mention a few here to refresh you.

E-Emergency Call
Reinforcement of the Army
The Warrior Returning Alive[divider]

Many Deck Building Choices
Since the Gishki are a plate, much like bread, that you can top with a lot of different ingredients, it’s important to keep in mind the underlying synergy of your strategy. For example, Malicious can generally be integrated into anything running access to Armageddon Knight. Armageddon Knight is easily accessible with Summoner Monk. You would be running this combo if you favored any of the strategies in the Djinn of Rituals article.

With just that, you could consider running a miracle fusion. If you draw it in a situation where using it would be unlikely, you could pitch it for Monk, and then recover it later in the duel with a Mind Augus. Malicious also makes going into Soul Ogre and Mind Augus on the same turn possible, and also may set up a Rank 6 monster.

In the next article, I’ll be talking about something I’ve been working on called the Future Fusion engine, a group of cards that can provide consistent access to Future Fusion. It’s not specifically Gishki-related however, as you’ll see from some of the cards, it integrates with the support we’ve covered already in this series.

[important title=”Gishki Article Series”]This article is part of an ongoing series on the Gishki Archetype. If you would like to see a topic addressed (combos, decks, etc) please comment and let me know![/important]


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