Gladiator Beasts and XYZ

This idea may not be new but I don’t think all that many people know about it. Basically, you’d think Gladiator Beasts have been getting old and rusty when in actuality they been gaining lots of support here and there through XYZ monsters. With Gladiator Beasts being severely underplayed and on top of that most people not even knowing how to play well with them it makes sense that most of the ideas that have been engineered wouldn’t be known. Today I will be briefly talking about 1 of these new ideas and it’s XYZ summoning some neat Rank 3’s using Gladiator Beasts.

The basic gist of the idea is that using the level 3’s you’re running in GBs and maybe a few extras to facilitate new plays you can make some quick XYZ summons.  One of the best ways to do so is to run multiple Gladiator Beast Retiari. Retiari is a level 3 GB that banishes a card in your opponent’s Graveyard when he’s summoned by another GB. You can easily combo out with this card using a few fun new ideas. Also, his effect is really good especially considering you wont have to leave it on the field until later like you’d use to have to do.

By running a slew of other Level 3 monsters that aren’t Gladiator Beasts that can easily special summon themselves you can tag out your GBs into Retiari and then Special Summon a Level 3 then XYZ for a Rank 3. The 2 best monsters I could think of to use where T.G. Warwolf and Spell Striker. Also considering cards like Spirit Reaper and Marshmallon are already gaining popularity this format they also nicely fit the bill. Lastly, people always forget that you can use Test Tiger for more than just its effect, it’s a also a level 3 that you can Special Summon from your hand at practically no cost, so you can summon a Retiari and then special Test Tiger and XYZ for 3.

What’s even cooler is that in combo with Retiari’s Banishing effect you can make some powerful Leviair plays. Tag into Retiari then banish a monster and then XYZ for Leviair. Use that Leviair to revive the monster you banished. Also, when you XYZ summon and detach monsters like Retiari into the graveyard you can make follow up plays with both Equeste to gain hand advantage and Darius to go into Essedari.

This versatility also allows a Gladiator Beast deck to come back from what was previously one of there worst fears: getting Bestiari removed from play. Since the deck has such easy access to Leviair, this is no longer a problem, meaning you can pretty much go head first into your opponents backrow using Bestiari with out fearing your deck’s whole engine being destroyed with one Bottomless Trap Hole or a Dimensional Prison.

And that’s all I’ve got for to today. Good luck dueling out there.

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