Heiratic Dragunity Shenanigans Part 2


Places to go people to see. Continuing off from last week’s article I’ll be adding on some more to the Dragunity combos. Let’s get straight into it…

Similar to adding Dragunity Arma Mystletainn into the deck there’s some even more obvious choices for cards to add with the deck’s changed purpose. Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon is an easy fit to the deck since it’s already running Dragons and it fits pretty seamlessly into a lot of standard plays in a Dragunity deck. It makes even more sense with the added versatility of Heiratic Dragon King of Atum since he can summon a REDMD from the deck.

Photobucket Using the Red Eyes you can go off in similar ways a standard Heiratic Dragon deck would. First do one of the combos that I mentioned in the previous article that results in two Dragunity Knight – Vajrayana and a Dragunity Phalanx on board. XYZ for Atum and use his effect to bring out a Mystletainn from the deck. Then, banish the Phalanx for a Red Eyes in Hand and use his effect to revive the Vajrayana (or any other level  Dragon) you detached for Atum’s effect. Now you can XYZ again and bring out yet another Dragon from the deck, dependent on what other cards you may have in hand. Also, although I didn’t mention it earlier if you ever wanted to go for game after one the combos you can always XYZ with a face-up Atum for Gaia Dragon, the Thunder Charger. (An interesting side note: it’s never a bad idea to revive a Gaia Dragon from the graveyard with REDMD’s effect since Gaia Dragon still retains his effect even without XYZ Material)

You can also mix the Red Eyes in with the combo I mentioned in the previous article that ended with a Stardust Dragon and an Atum and instead end with a Stardust, a 0 ATK and DEF Red Eyes and an Atum. Instead of bringing out a Mystletainn with the Atum’s effect you just bring out a Red Eyes and revive the level 6 you detached with Atum. The effectiveness of bringing out a 0 ATK and DEF Red Eyes is questionable though, but if you have defense for it you’ll easily be able to pull shenanigans out next turn and it will likely result in your winning the game.

There’s also some very simple benefits of running Red Eyes in a Dragunity deck like the fact that most of the Level 8  Synchros the deck goes into, like Stardust Dragon or Scrap Dragon, are Dragon monsters which means they can be easily revived later for a second run. One of my favorite plays is to use Scrap Dragon’s effect to destroy himself and another of my opponent’s cards and then revive him with Red Eyes to destroy another card.

Photobucket Moving along to a little less conventional ideas, but nonetheless a whole lot of fun, is splashing some of the Chaos Dragon engine within the deck. At first it may seem a little odd since there’s no a whole lot of Light or Dark monsters in the deck to support a card such as Lightpulsar Dragon, but with the right play-style it’s actually quite easy to pull off. As I’ve already mentioned his name, Lightpulsar Dragon is the first most imminent tech card of the bunch. He’s a level 6 Dragon meaning he’s good XYZ material for Atum, we’ve seen his synergy with Red Eyes due to Chaos Dragon’s recent success and he’s just an all around solid monster being he’s got an easy summoning condition as well as high stats.

For summoning Lightpulsar we’ll first need Light monsters. The two I would run are Effect Veiler and Eclipse Wyvern. Effect Veiler makes a nice place in Dragunity decks since it can back up a Stardust Dragon very nicely, without destruction or monster effects and opponent is hard pressed to break your field. That and it’s considered almost a staple in the current meta. Eclipse Wyvern is a little different than standard in play-style for this deck though. If we venture back to a much older article where I talk about Chaos Dragons there’s a couple of interesting plays there that work very easily with this new deck. First off we have Dragunity Knight – Gae Dearg. This card’s effect can literally dump an Eclipse Wyvern from your deck to your graveyard to easily setup Light monsters. Also, since most of the Dragunity combos end up uselessly summoning a Level 6 in between the combos to summon Atum it would make sense to try to be productive in between by tutoring cards from the deck as well as setting up future plays. The Eclipse Wyvern will be searching 2 monsters from the deck in this case: the obvious Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon or Malefic Stardust Dragon, a card that already sees quite a bit of success in Dragunity decks.

Back to Gae Dearg. Gae Dearg also searches the decks only Dark target for Lightpulsar: Blackwing – Zephyros the Elite. Zephyros makes the perfect dark fodder for Lightpulsar since he’s easy to get in grave and that’s exactly where you want him. That and once you’re done using him he’s got no other use so it doesn’t hurt to banish him from the Graveyard. With all that in mind I’ll move onto a combo that sets up a Lightpulsar Dragon using the main combo mentioned from last article: Zephyros + Ravine.

So let’s say you start with the standard play Zephyros + Dragon Ravine. Pitch Zephyros for Ravine and search Phalanx, bounce Ravine and then play again pitching Phalanx to add Dux. Summon Dux revive Phalanx. You now have Ravine, Phalanx, Dux and Zephyros on board. Synchro Phalanx and Zephyros for Dragunity Knight – Vajrayana and use its effect to revive Phalanx again. Synchro Phalanx and Dux for Dragunity Knight – Gae Dearg. Now use Gae Dearg’s effect to pitch an Eclipse Wyvern from the deck and use Wyvern to banish either Malefic Stardust or Red Eyes from the deck. Now you can XYZ for Atum and continue a whole bunch of places from there depending on what’s in your hand. I’ll mention in passing that a Lightpulsar in hand at this point can produce a field of over 8000 points worth of damage AND you’ll still have 3 cards left in hand! Now that you’ve got Atum use his effect to summon a Red Eyes from the deck. Then Special the Lightpulsar from hand adding the other Red Eyes to the hand. Use Red Eyes to revive Phalanx and Synchro the Phalanx and the Lightpulsar for Stardust Dragon. Then banish Red Eyes to summon the second one from hand and use it to revive Lightpulsar once again. That’s a Stardust Dragon, a REDMD, a Lightpulsar and an Atum on board, and it only was 3 cards to start with.

Photobucket One last thing to mention about Gae Dearg is a fun little card called Mist Valley Baby Roc. I wouldn’t have even mentioned this card if Nccows hadn’t brought it up in the last article but it can actually pull off some pretty sweet combos too. Baby Roc is a Level 2 Tuner, Wind, Winged Beast with 400 ATK and 600 DEF. Here’s his effect:

When this card is sent directly from the hand to the Graveyard, you can Special Summon it.

Unfortunately no, this cards effect does not work when discarded with Dragon Ravine(he misses the timing unless the last thing to occur is him being sent from the hand to the Graveyard), but that’s not why we’re running it. The main idea is that you can search this card from the deck with Gae Dearg’s effect and then pitch it with the same effect. Also, if you have it in hand you can search another card with Gae Dearg’s effect and then pitch Baby Roc and get its effect. It’s basically an efficient way to not use up all of your Dragunity Knight – Vajrayana’s too quickly but in practice it has the same results except with the added bonus of deck thinning. The other benefit of this card is it allows you to sit on a Gae Dearg over multiple turns and gain advantage through generation of free level 2 tuners. Pretty sweet!

I really think that Dragunity’s are a powerful and unappreciated deck that stands a chance this format, I hope you’ll all give them a chance and I hope you enjoyed my articles as well!

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