Hidden Arsenal 7: Volcanic Update

So, Hidden Arsenal 7 is out, that means I can start thinking about Volcanics again. And whadayaknow I have been! Here’s some of my new ideas. If you’re unfamiliar with the decks play style see [HERE] for my old deck list and [HERE] for the even older article about Volcanic basics.

 photo Rocket_zpsd5b9eeea.png (I like how Matt did his pictures on his last article, so I’m going to copy him ūüėČ )

If you didn’t know why Hidden Arsenal 7 was¬†relevant¬†to Volcanic decks, it’ll become obvious soon enough. The release of Lavalval Chain and Daigusto Emeral has brought a new wave of¬†play-ability¬†to a lot of decks, and Volcanics are no exception. Lavalval Chain gives you access to Volcanic Counter much earlier in the game and Daigusto Emeral allows you to recycle your Shells and gain even more exceptional advantage on top of Royal Firestorm Guards and Pot of Avarice with the luxury of not needing to draw into them using the extra deck as your toolbox.

 photo ChainampEmeral_zps881893af.png Using the extra deck as a toolbox really pushes a deck in a direction towards consistency, which is really great. This allows Volcanics to rely less on the inconsistency of drawing cards and more on there ability to summon cards from the extra deck, which you always have access to in order to make your correct plays. In combination with there ability to search and draw quite effectively already I’m hoping this will result in a deadly combination. One of the best new plays uses a Summoner Monk and a Spell to get the entire deck rolling:

  • Summon Summoner Monk, use his effect and pitch the Spell Card.
  • Special Summon Volcanic Rocket, get Blaze Accelerator.
  • XYZ for Lavalval Chain.
  • Use Chain’s effect to send Volcanic Shell to the graveyard.
  • Shell’s effect to add another Shell to hand.

You end with Chain on field, and a Blaze Accelerator and a Volcanic Shell in hand, which is exactly where you want to be. With just a copy of Call of the Haunted or Monster Reborn, you can revive the Monk to make Daigusto¬†Emeral¬†and recycle the Rockets and Shells to continue the process. Also, if the Chain survives you could simply top deck a Royal Firestorm Guards if you think you have enough control of the game. If you’re some crazy dude you can top deck a copy of Pyrorex the Elemental Lord since Chain, Volcanic Rocket and the 3 Shells is 5 FIRE monsters; that’s a little nutty for my taste though.

 photo EvilswarmObliviwisp_zpsacbde1b9.png Lavalval Chain and Daigusto Emeral are the only worthwhile cards given to use from Hidden Arsenal 7, there’s also one more monster in particular that I think is fascinating for the Volcanic deck: Evilswarm Obliviwisp. Obliviwisp (who was formerly know as Verz’o’wisp, which I think I like better) is a Level 4 DARK Pyro monster. It has 450 ATK and 2050 DEF. Here’s his effect:

After damage calculation, if this card battles a monster: Negate the effects of that monster (including in the Graveyard).

Pretty simple monster, why do I care? At first glance you think he doesn’t have any applicable features towards a Volcanic deck, but in actuality he has many. Simply by being Pyro and having 450 ATK is almost enough to warrant his usage. Blaze Accelerator only requires the monster to be that you discard, although in the back of my mind I had always assumed it had to be FIRE too. That means you can pitch it to blow up monsters, and I’ve been looking for an alternative monster to pitch for a while now simply because you don’t always get Volcanic Shell.

I also wanted a monster that was useful in its own right. Shell is useful because it gets more of itself, so you don’t lose advantage, Obliviwisp has very sustainable defense and is also Level 4. This makes it really good for making Rank 4 XYZ, especially against stun decks which have a tough time with high defense monsters. Sabersaurus, all the Fire Fists and Neos Alius aren’t getting over that any time soon. And if the opponent is unlucky enough to ram a monster with a good effect to it, even if Obliviwisp dies in the process, that monster’s effect is negated pretty much forever. While this may be a great monster to attack over a Treeborn Frog with, this is actually really effective for dealing with big monsters in a passive way as well as powerful weenies like Bear. If the opponent attacks into it with cards like Laggia, Dolkka, Ophion, Abyssgaios or the Shining that monster will have its effect negated forever, which is great. If they attack into it with Bear, Gorilla, Wind-Up Rabbit, Evilswarm Thunderbird, Justice of Prophecy or anything else, they get halted as well.

Wisp is also is a Debris Dragon target. I would assume most people are still pretty off put about using Debris Dragon to XYZ, but I think it’s really powerful. 1 card Rank 4’s is good almost no matter what in my book. More than that though this allows you to use you extra deck resources to put yourself in a more optimal position with your bad hands. This works without Debris Dragon, but it’s far easier with it. Using Wisp and Debris you can make Lavalval Chain which can get you Volcanic Shell, which is pretty sweet. It can also send Zephyros is you want to bounce a Call of the Haunted ¬†or something of the like. A nice combo is if you have Debris, Wisp and Blaze Accelerator:

  • Use Blaze Accelerator pitching Evilswarm Obliviwisp to destroy a monster.
  • Summon Debris Dragon and Revive Wisp.
  • XYZ for Lavalval Chain and use its effect to send Volcanic Shell.
  • Shell’s effect to add another Shell to hand.

And now you’ve got a Laval Chain, Blaze Accelerator and Volcanic Shell. Also, since Wisp is a Pyro, once you expend all the Shells, Royal Firestorm Guards will be live to draw those sweet 2 cards.

 photo EvilswarmMandragora_zps3ca71893.png Obliviwisp also opens up the use of the card Allure of Darkness, if Volcanic decks didn’t already draw enough. With 3 Wisps you’ll have 5 DARK monsters minimum: 3 Wisp & 2 Summon Monk. There’s also Blackwing – Zephyros the Elite and Gale the Whirlwind as well as Tour Guide among other things to boost that count up. One monster I’ve been contemplating most though is Evilswarm Mandragora. It’s a Level 4 DARK Plant with 1550 ATK and 1450 DEF. Here’s it’s effect:

If your opponent controls more monsters than you do, you can Special Summon this card (from your hand).

Simple once again, like most of the Evilswarm archetype. Mandragora alleviates¬†the numbers for Allure of Darkness firstly, but also has some nice synergy with the deck’s goals. Recently I’ve been quite interested in this card, it’s very similar to Photon Thrasher or Instant Fusion, two cards I really like. It presents a Level 4 monster very quickly for XYZ summons and it has mediocre stats, but enough to be doing some nice chunks of the opponents life points. As opposed to cards like Photon Thrasher, it doesn’t require your immediate investment in order to be used. Suppose the opponent has a big monster that needs to be rid of and a lot of back row. In the case of Thrasher, if you want to XYZ you must first invest him into the field and then summon your other monsters. If the opponent does say Solemn Warning or Bottomless on the other mosnter, you’ve wasted you XYZ potential card, Thrasher, by putting him on board in the face of a bigger monsters. With Mandragora it may end the same if they have only 1 monster, but if they have 2 it allows you to hold off your investment until after you’ve seen if your first monster is¬†successful¬†or not, which tickles my fancy. This allows for more mind games and the ability to slow roll so you’re more¬†successful¬†when you do go off.

This helps with Volcanics a lot since I wanted to add some other way to go for Rank 4’s, but I didn’t really have a whole lot of options I liked. Thrasher’s not particularly good, since Volcanic’s frequently leave monsters on the field or summon before they want to use Thrasher. Instant Fusion is super risky, especially here where we’re constantly paying 500 life points already for Shell. I thought about Spirit of the Flames, but in testing it required more setup than I wanted, and banishing a Volcanic Rocket in the graveyard can hurt a lot sometimes. Mandragora though nicely fits around all my demands and gives me the¬†opportunity¬†to make really janky Ophion plays in case I’m playing a deck it matters against. The idea of summoning a random Ophion also made me think of the idea of siding into Evilswarms with this deck, which I’ll¬†definitely be¬†testing out.

[ A brief side note, Evilswarm Mandragora also has the awesome trait of being a Plant monster. This opens up a lot of interesting doors for Chaos Plant ideas as well as XYZ plants using Mark of the Rose. I’ve been mulling some of these ideas over with Justen, because he’s our plant guy of the group. They’ve worked out pretty well so far, hopefully this will add an interesting facet to the deck. If you want to me to talk some more about it, please comment so and I’ll do an article next week.]

 photo RoarMaxx_zps3cb5ead0.png
Lastly, I want to talk about more the changes in my ideas on how to run the deck. All my past builds have been decidedly stun decks, but with the changes in the meta I don’t think that is possible. So, in order to adapt to the heightened speed of the meta I’ve been trying to alter the deck’s make-up in order to combat decks with speed.

The first and most important thing is one of 2 cards: Threatening Roar or Swift Scarecrow. In general I’m opposed to both of these cards unless the deck in question is able to make and maintain advantage without their Draw Phase. Volcanics are a good example of a deck that can meet that¬†criteria. They maintain a lot of advantage with Shells and Blaze accelerator as well as with cards like Call of the Haunted which give a lot of extra cards and plays without drawing. The deck also has a lot of potential to draw with Royal Firestorm¬†Guards¬† Allure of Darkness, Pot of Avarice and Daigusto Emeral. When talking about Scarecrow and Roar, it’s also smart to mention Cardcar D, a card that partners well with the two.

Aside from the obviousness of the two card’s effects, why use Threatening Roar or Scarecrow in Volcanics? ¬†The first reason is simple, getting OTK’d sucks and this stops that dead in its tracks. Volcanic decks have always suffered from OTKs. They wait for the opponent to invest in the board so they can dismantle their monsters with Blaze Accelerator, but if the opponent outright OTKs them there’s nothing the player can do about it and they don’t get time to respond with the¬†dismantling. T-Roar on the other hand plays right into Volcanics favor. They want to opponent to invest into the field so they can blow it up, the opponent doesn’t want to get blown up so they save up for that one big OTK push. The opponent makes their big push only to find a T-Roar of Scarecrow and then watches their field get dismantled with ease using Blaze Accelerator. The opponent is now at a loss for cards and the Volcanic player likely did very little and they proceed to push back and take the game. Reason two, setting cards isn’t all that great at the moment. The less cards I have to set in the current format the better. With 3 MSTs and Heavy Storm as well as deck specific destruction, you can rarely bet on any set cards. T-Roar is¬†chain-able, so it evades this and Scarecrow is in the hand.

Another adaption for the deck is the movement towards the hand. Since I don’t want to invest a whole lot of back row into the field it’s smart for a Volcanic player to start running hand traps like Effect Veiler and Maxx “C” instead. Maxx “C” in particular is good with T-Roar and Scarecrow since punishes the opponent for attempting to OTK in an extreme fashion. Veiler has always been nice for Volcanics since it stops the opponent from doing much and allows you to hit the negated monsters with Blaze Accelerator. It’s possible that Breakthrough Skill could be better for Volcanics since it’s a good MST bait, and the deck has a lot of trouble with destruction resistant monsters like Zenmaines and Maestroke, which Breakthrough Skill solves with its graveyard effect. I suppose we’ll see in testing. The hand traps also work very nicely with the drawing aspect of the deck, which makes Cardcar D even more desirable.

With that, here’s my proposed deck list. It’s undergone no testing and it’s simply a backbone for my ideas as of now:

 photo VolcanicProposal_zpscc2d5356.jpg

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