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Unfortunately, this week I didn’t have a whole lot of time to prepare any kind of article so for today I’ll just be sharing a little bit of what’s on my mind in the Yugioh world right now. A brief talk about my Regionals experience, some more Lightray Sorcerer randomness and whatever else floats my boat.

First off, as you may o may not know, I just got back from Regionals in Washington. I was testing out a bunch of stuff in a fairly incoherent Frog deck. People kept asking me if I was running Monarchs or Lancer Frogs and I had to keep telling them “no” because it couldn’t really be classified as either. I had intended to go to Regionals with it to learn about my own deck and hopefully make it better and be a little trolly with the deck’s weirdness at the same time. As I said on the podcast I hoped for 4-4 at best but I ended up going 3-5. I learned the valuable lesson the my deck gets stomped on by Inzectors which kind of sucks, but it was a learning experience and I’m making alterations toward to future.

Like I said, I didn’t run any kind of standard stuff to make it any of the aforementioned deck names; I only ran 2 Caius and 1 Sea Lancer, which is fairly skimpy compared to what the norm is concerned. I was basically trying to see to how far an extent can an engine of only Frog stuff go alone, which actually turned out to be quite far. No. 96 Dark Mist ended being an extremely helpful monster  along with Shining Elf. The decks wins on the other hand where slow and painful doing around 1000 damage a turn but having the field on relative lockdown. I ended up learning the ins and outs of just about every play possible use Frogs + Junk Synchron or Genex Ally Birdman and it’s nice to know there’s a surprising amount of versatility there and of the two Genex Ally Birdman proved to be a very valuable asset due to his ability to Special Summon for almost free in combination with Ronintoadin after I had my initial play halted. Another thing I learned is that as much as I love Genex Undine there’s really no place for it in the deck until the future Water support is released or if the format slows down a lot.

The last thing I learned was about the Side Deck. Basically, Oh F!sh! just wrecks face. I sided two copies of this card in every duel and it is good no matter what. So good that I’m going to be maining it and a couple of the other traps I was siding into. Although it may sound weird, I feel as if Trap cards barely clash if at all with Frogs any more, so it seems appropriate that I main deck them now.

Onto more ideafication stuff. Another of the ideas I’ve been mulling over with Lightray Sorcerer is with the card Cyber Eltanin. Cyber Eltanin is a level 10 Machine monster that you can summon by banishing all Light Machines on your field and in your Graveyard. Then, it sends all other face-up monsters on the field to the grave. He also has attack equal to the monster banished to summon him x500, but I hardly care about that. What I do really like about it is that you can make a loop of sorts using Lightray Sorcerer. Basically you can just banish an Eltanin in grave to summon one from hand then use Lightray Sorcerer to return the banished one to the deck. Then, just repeat that every time you summon another Eltanin. Also, Eltanin makes the summon condition of Sorcerer really easily if you just run some basic Light machines, some of which I’ve already mentioned before like Cyber Valley and Tuningware along with probably 3 copies of Cyber Dragon and maybe Genex Neutron. (who can search Quickdraw Synchron or any other Machine tuner you may be running) It’s also nice that it has a really good effect, which is pretty much a field nuke and worse case scenario they negate his effect and you still have a bunch of banish stuff for Sorcerer and you still haven’t normal summoned yet. One of the coolest things about all these cards as well is that almost none of them require a normal summon, so then it makes the deck very volatile and spontaneous.

The last thing I guess I’ll talk about is an idea I have that combines Dragunity’s and Chaos Dragons to make really crazy Hieratic Dragon OTKs. I’ve seen it in passing in some Japanese Dragunity decks so I thought I might take it to the next level by adding Chaos Dragons since I’ve already had experience with the two decks combined. The basic idea though is that Dragunity’s can make level 6 Dragons very easily, then if you just get two on the field you can go crazy with Hieratic Dragon stuff. I likely talk about it far more in depth next week. Until then though, happy dueling.

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