Lightsworn Ruler Update: 11/18/13

Quick article this week. The local power company had shut off my power for a day and it ended up befuddling my internet, so I couldn’t do any work on an article so I’m just going to do a quick update on some ideas I have for Lightsworn Rulers. I apologize in advance for the article being not so meaty.

As said in a previous article, their where a few ideas that interested me in the most recent pack, one of which was the Raccoon cards. The one that is showing the most promise though is the baby Chaos Dragons. There’s two of them total, one LIGHT and one DARK Dragon. They’re both level 4, but cannot be normal summoned and can only be Special Summoned from the hand by banishing the opposite Chaos Attribute from your graveyard, and you can only summon 1 of each per turn. (so for the LIGHT you banish a DARK in grave and for the DARK you banish a LIGHT in grave) The LIGHT one is called White Dragon Wyverburster and the DARK is called Black Dragon Collapserpent. When either is sent to the graveyard it searches the other from the deck, and this does not miss the timing meaning you can Synchro with them or use them for a Tribute Summon and still get to search for the opposite dragon. And that’s their effect in a nut shell.

They have pretty simple application as far as normal Chaos Dragons are concerned. The deck already runs a lot of DARK and LIGHT monsters so they can easily meet their summoning condition. At the very least they’re going to provide a very Gadget-esque backbone since they are, at their core, floater monsters that always replace themselves. That means they can provide chump field presence at no cost in order to protect your lifepoints (something the deck currently lacks a great ability to do) or bait out spells and traps without wasting resources.

They’re also Dragon-type and Chaos Attribute as well, which is a huge plus for Lightsworn Rulers. The Dragon-type benefits the Dragon Ruler monsters in the deck, providing more “food” for their summoning as well as for pitching fodder for Darkflare Dragon’s effect. The Chaos Attribute makes it even easier to summon the likes of Darkflare Dragon and Lightpulsar Dragon. Frequently, my build ran into the problem of lacking DARK monsters to banish in grave, and the 3 Collapserpents essentially solve that problem.

The most beneficial thing I think they bring though is the ability to crash if necessary. The play that I think most exemplifies this goes like this: You summon a Lyla and use its effect, but they respond with a card; Veiler, Fiendish Chain, what have you. Normally you’d be stuck, but now you can slap a quick Level 4 monster on the field and make an XYZ monster to further pressure the opponent or simply pester them with two monsters instead. It’s also very helpful that Wyverburster is a LIGHT attribute because this can allow you to summon Starliege Palidynamo.

They both also combo very nicely with Leviair the Sea Dragon. You can either do a Leviair play using 2 Luminas, or say something not to foreign to Chaos, Tour Guide. Banish a Lightsworn monster like Lyla for the summon of Collapserpent. Revive the Lyla with Leviair and then destroy a card. At this point you can simply stay their for the additional milling and because Collapserpent will reimburse you if he dies, or make a Rank 4 XYZ to put on further pressure.

Sorry for the brevity, but I haven’t much time! Next week I’ll have a much larger article though about the upcoming Seattle Regionals!

QOTW? Question of the Week:

Which deck is cooler: Archfiends or Lightsworn Rulers? I’m torn between which to take to Regionals this Saturday…

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