Lightsworns and Rank 3s

Lightsworns and Rank 3s


Raw power, that’s what Lightsworns had on their side during their reign at the top. It wasn’t luck that won them victory, it was their sheer overpowering advantage. A lot has changed since those fabled days, extra deck monsters encroach on their territory, speading their black and white chaos. Do Lightsworns have what it takes to adapt to this changing landscape? Perhaps with one, Lumina the Lightsworn Summoner, their light will shine a little brighter?


Lumina is the monster Lightsworns use to swarm, one that I’ve had a hard time using effectively. The pre-built combo, where you get a Lumina and a Garoth, Lightsworn Warrior on the field, has always been difficult for me because I like use Lightsworns as an engine, mix them with other things. But, in order to effectively reap the benefits from this combo, I had to focus on a more Lightsworn-centered build, so I ran Aurkus.

Aurkus, Lightsworn Druid, is a strange and underestimated monster. It gives you the ability to push for game by preventing Lightsworns from being targeted. So, if you have one in your trade binder, and nobody seems to want it, you can blame an Aurkus that’s being played. It’s not that they don’t want it, they just can’t point at it, motion to it, or even pick it up while Arkus is in play.

In-game­, Aurkus is a usable level 3 monster. His 1800 DEF and 1200 ATK, with the ability to mill 2 cards, can come in handy. Its effect, preventing Lightsworns from being targeted, is also a fun bonus. You don’t have to fear DPrison, Book, Compulse, Veiler, etc. One of these guys gives you a nice comfort zone when using a mostly Lightsworn board to attack for game. It invalidates nearly every destructive HERO play, and forces them to attack into Aurkus to get rid of it.

In addition, Aurkus also combos into Rank 3 XYZ monsters with Lumina. If combined with Chaos Sorceror, Black Luster Soldier or Lightray Diabolos, Leviair the Sea Dragon becomes an option. With an Aurkus already on the field, you can Normal Summon Lumina to use its effect and revive another Lumina from the grave, then XYZ for Leviar with the used-up Lumina and Arkus. Detach that Lumina for Leviair’s effect, grab a banished monster (like Garoth) and then summon that Lumina back with the unused one that is still on the field. You can then bring out a Lightsworn of your choice and Xyz for Rank 3 again. If you revived a Level 4, you can then make a Rank 4, and that opens up really fun possibilities.


These kinds of plays move a lot of cards around, providing a lot of control over what ends up in your graveyard. This is great for Judgement Dragon and Lightrays, as they require certain numbers of light monsters in the grave. These guys are awesome to play and force your opponent to waste cards, or to use during an attack-for-game scenario. Especially if you summon Number 19: Giga-Briliant. It’s another Rank 3 that boosts the attack of all monsters on the field by 300, permanently. It makes any lingering Lightsworn monsters a little more powerful  and ensures that nothing will attack over your powered up Judgement Dragon or Lightray Deadelus.

With the release of the Holiday Tins, Wind-up Zenmaines gives Lightsworns a highly-defensive opportunity to destroy your opponent’s cards. As always, Zenmaines provides you time to organize your hand and grave for proper assault.

I couldn’t finish without mentioning Number 30: Acid Golem, and Number 17: Leviathan Dragon. I tend to never really summon them, unless I think I can attack for game. Acid Golem is mostly there to end combos with big muscle. While I don’t like that it prevents further special summoning, it’s got 3000ATK, which meshes well with the decks other big beaters. Leviathan allows for a quick attacker and quick detach. It’s kind of the counterpart to Giga-brilliant – summon Giga for game, summon Leviathan to poke at your opponent as a meat shield..

If you have any questions about Lumina, would like to comment on the article, or share your thoughts, you can let us know in the comments below!

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