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I didn’t have any ideas for what to talk about this week, so I asked Matt and he said to just talk about general Yugioh stuff and that sounded kind of fun, so here I am. For the most part I wanted to talk about my feelings on the direction Yugioh is taking due to style of Konami’s banlist.

Recently a lot of big name players have been complaining about Yugioh becoming really “broken” and other similar words due the very apparent power creep in cards that Konami has released. Overall, it’s very true and most people will agree that decks have become incredibly good over the past couple years, most duels ending within 5 or 6 turns because 8000 just doesn’t see like enough anymore. The main thing I really have to say to people complaining is to suck it up. I know sometimes the game seems really unfair, but that is the nature of the game and that’s the way it’s always been. But that aside, the reason for this I feel mostly comes down to the banlist and the way Konami limits and forbids cards.

I just want to first say, I don’t think the way they go about limiting and forbidding cards was wrong; it just lacked a foresight for what is happening now, and now knowing what has happened, they should change. They basically only ban a card if it is grossly overpowered (generally unstoppable good), it forms a loop/FTK/OTK (Konami┬áhas a thing against loops and nobody likes OTKs) or because it limits Konami’s ability to make new cards. (as in cards like Fishborg which pretty much cut off all possible futures for them making Water monsters) The flaw in this style is that really good cards only get limited to one, which isn’t initially a problem. At the beginning of Yugioh after all the really unfair cards got flushed out, there wasn’t a whole lot of limited to one power cards, but now over the course of many packs, a large number of versatile cards have been limited to one. The problem is that there’s so many cards limited to one now that the chances of you not drawing one or even 2 in an opening hand are actually low. This causes many situations which people like to call “getting sacked” because the opponent played some combo of limited to one cards, but the fact is it’s actually very likely to pull of combos with two limited to one cards because of the nature of their deck.

The perfect example is Plant Synchro or as Konami calls it “Synchro Summon”. The deck has a huge line-up of limited to one cards. The first obvious cards like Dark Hole, Monster Reborn, Torrential, Mirror Force(a lot of plant decks don’t run Mirror Force though), Dustshoot, Solemn Judgement, Book of Moon, Mind Control, Heavy Storm, Gorz, and Sangan then down to the more select cards like Pot of Avarice, BLS, Lonefire Blossom, Debris Dragon, Dandylion, One for One, Foolish Burial and Scapegoats. That’s 20 cards! Half the deck is limited to one cards! Not to mention cards like Spore and Glow-up Bulb that are essentially limited to one by there own effects. I don’t know about you, but I feel that that is a little out of hand having half a deck being limited to one cards. And I wouldn’t be surprised to see this deck absorb more limited to one cards when the next Banlist roles around unless Konami does a large overhaul on Limited to one cards.

Basically this all comes down to me thinking Konami should ban cards just for being really good, or what’s happening is going to continue. Cards that are just plain good are stacking up together, and it’s honestly just getting really silly. Tell me what you think though about all these limited to one cards. What do you think Konami could do to fix this? Does it even need fixing?

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