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  1. Hey ycg podcast, I was wondering if you could give me your advice.
    You see I’l at a dilemma trying to figure out what to run with the format becoming that of E dragons, evilswarm, prophecy etc. These decks that may for the moment make it difficult to do well if you’re not running one of them. Along with decks using the Edragons in ways to increase their abilities. Basically it’s going to be a heck of a ride, and I wanna be ready for it.
    I usually a Hero player, recently I’ve been using the Elektrum Otk style, not the nicest deck but it does well. Unfortunately however I believe this deck to have problems against E dragons, because it’s too slow, even with triple card car and triple maxx c. The E Dragons are difficult, and whats worse is ophion can sit there and nothing will happen. Soon people will be forced I believe to either become very fast, or very trap heavy. So I decided it was time to choose a new deck of choice. Speed wise it seems the main decks are E drags and prophecy for their ferociousness. Other decks are powerful and fast, but don’t really compare aswell. So I was thinking maybe a slower deck with a higher trap count, such as machina gadgets with an absurd amount of traps. I believe compulse will do very well. The only problem I forsee is that with Edrags and evilswarm people will be very likely to side electric virus, which is also good against machines. I’m not the type who likes using a deck that will be sided against.
    The other deck I was considering was Madolches, as they are trap heavy aswell, and they will be faster will Hootcake, so it’s an option.
    I have access to Glads, Formation Glads, Inzektors, Geargia, Heros of course, frogs, six sam. basically alot of good decks but nothing crazy good to make an obvious choice.
    I was thinking that attack base decks like Glads I wasn’t sure how they would do being that they might fare well in killing ophion and not relying on larger monsters. Inzektors are always fun and powerful, and they could be made to be quicker..I’m not sure how prevalent however soul drain and macro will be with mermail still going about, especially now that they have potential with the water Edrag. Six sams I like their speed and strength..however they are too small, and if you try a slower trap heavy build the lack of speed makes them rather lame. Geargia are good, but like gadgets I worry about being how bad electric virus might be, unless you guys think otherwise? Frogs are always good, and thus they are always an option. I could focus on trying to make them faster maybe. Right now I’m trying to create a trap heavy build of Heros with focusing on gathering power from the triple miracle and triple super poly, also running triple photon thrasher with bubble beat style to make quick xyzs in case of ophion. It seems solid, but I wanted to ask for advice that maybe you guys could see a better solution.
    Thank you very much for your consideration, big fan of the podcast, keep up the good work.

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