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Once again, here’s some new ideas, but this time involving Fish. A lot of new fish support has come out and I figured it was time to look at some of the old Fish and see if any of them have improved with it, and this is what I’ve found…

The biggest idea I had with all the new fish support was with Friller Rabca, a new Fish monster from Photon Shockwave that acts as a Necro Gardna for Fish, Sea Serpent and Aqua type monsters. It also lowers the attack of the monster who’s attack it negated by 500 until your next end phase as an added plus. What’s strikingly good about this card is it’s incredibly easy to move it around in your deck. It’s a level 3, low attack, Fish, water monster, which is practically the ultimate in search-ability and also really easy to pitch from your deck with a few specified cards; those cards being Genex Undine and Nimble Sunfish. On top of this, Rabca’s effect seems to work perfectly in tandem with Leviair the Sea Dragon, being a level 3 monster, being an easily banish-able monster and also being able to negate attacks on Leviair itself. So that’s where I started.

The first combo with this I’ve stated before on the Podcast. Summon Genex Undine and use it’s effect to send Friller Rabca to the graveyard and add Genex Controller to the hand. You can negate an attack on your Undine and then next turn, normal summon the Controller and make a Leviair and revive the Rabca to make a mini recycling loop for your Rabcas. You can also make a really quick Leviair by using Shark Sticker. (another card debuting beside Rabca in Photon Shockwave) Shark Stickers can be Special Summon from the hand whenever you summon a Aqua, Sea Serpent or Fish monster, making it a really easy play with Undine that also makes some nice advantage. Obviously though, this is not enough to make the deck fly… (bad joke)

Which brings me to an older card: Golden Flying Fish. (I’m sure you get the joke now) It’s got an effect we’ve probably all seen before on other monsters except catered towards its own specialty:

You can Tribute 1 other Fish-Type monster to destroy 1 card on the field.

So, unlike some of its counterparts, Golden Flying Fish cannot tribute itself under any condition, but unlike others it can Tribute an infinite number of times per turn. (as long as you have fish to tribute of course) In the past there was really no consistent way to get continually tribute fodder for Golden Flying Fish so it was largely ignored, but now it’s gotten a significant push from the new cards. With the new support it’s a lot easier to protect and easier to special summon other fish monsters beside it to get its effect off.

The first, really easy combo with Golden Flying Fish (which I will now be calling GFF) is with Shark Stickers. Normal Summon GFF, special summon Stickers. Now you can tribute off the Stickers to destroy any monster you opponent controls. Pretty simple right?

The next way to get fodder is with the card Surface. Just use it to special summon a level 3 or lower Fish and the tribute it off for some pinpoint removal. This play is especially ideal with Oyster Meister, a card that seems like it was meant for GFF. When Oyster Meister is sent from the field to the graveyard (except by battle) summon a level 1 Fish token. This means if you tribute Oyster Meister for GFF you’ll get a token, which you can also tribute, and use that to destroy another card, netting a nice plus 1.

The last combo is a lot more involved, meaning there isn’t just one particular way to start it off. The combo basically involves you getting a Leviair and a GFF on the field with a Rabca in the graveyard. This allows you to recur banished Fish monster to be used as fodder for GFF, making a sort of destruction lockdown of sorts. You negate attacks by removing Rabcas then revive them with Leviair to tribute them with GFF to remove your opponent’s threatening cards.


The final piece is a card we all know is associated with Fish, and it still does exactly what its always done and that’s Superancient Deepsea King Coelacanth. (Also known as “Big Fish”) This card can single handedly setup the whole deck. With it’s effect you can summon all of your Rabcas and XYZ summon Leviairs and¬†Submersible¬†Carrier Aero Shark. (The reason you summon this is because it’s a Fish monster, making it a reliable target for Superancient’s second effect which allows him to tribute other Fish monsters to protect himself, not to mention a little burn damage is always nice) Superancient also spawns a crap ton of fish which can be used for an already on board GFF. The only problem with Super Ancient of course is summoning it, but I’ll leave that up to you.

Hope these ideas sparked you imagination. Until next week, happy fishing. And Merry Christmas!

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