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As I’ve said on the podcast I’ve been trying to make a lot of ideas to effectively use the Lightray monsters. I haven’t really found any success in most of the ones requiring a lot of Light monsters in the grave so I’ve decided to move on to Lightray Sorcerer. If you don’t already know about ‘im he’s pretty much a the same as Chaos Sorcerer just a little different. Pretty much all you need to make it work is 3 Banish Light monsters. Luckily, it’s not like Dark Armed Dragon requiring an exact amount of monsters, so anything above 3 will also be fine. Today is my first look at some ideas with the card, I’ve got some more but I figured this article would be huge if I said all of them, so i’ll probably be cutting this one into 2 parts.

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So, onto the ideas. Banishing Light monsters en mas is really weird at first glance. I found out pretty quick that your going to have to be a little less conventional to get all these monster banished since there really isn’t a deck that is just naturally waiting for this opportunity. The closest deck to come to that place though is HERO Gate, so that’s where my first ideas are. I’ve stated this on the podcast before, but the main idea I had was to create a loop that gave you “infinite The Shining’s”. Using Fusion Gate it’s pretty easy to get some Light monsters banished by fusing into Elemental HERO The Shining, and then once a Shining is killed you get all his material back. You can follow up or branch off in numerous ways as anyone who’s familiar with HERO Gate knows. Obviously enough, a HERO deck would be running their signature card Miracle Fusion as well, another card that can allow the Banishing of Light monsters for Lightray Sorcerer given the right deck build. All that is really left to be done is cater the build towards this style in order to capitalize on Sorcerer’s strength.


A lot of already naturally paired cards came to mind for this deck. Photon Thrasher, seeing a lot of play in the new Bubble Beat HERO variant seems like an obvious fit here given he’s a Light monster so he can be fused from the hand with Gate as well as has on field Synergy making any of the Bubble Beat XYZ plays while dumping Lights into the grave for Miracle Fusion; not to mention it’s just a generally good card. And if worst comes to worst, which I doubt it ever would, you could fuse two Thrasher’s together with Fusion Gate to summon a Twin Photon Lizard, which would be quite lolzy. It’s also possible to go a far more heavy Photon route, but I’m not sure how great it’d be.

Another card that naturally fits in is Effect Veiler, being one of the best cards this format in general and much like Photon Thrasher being simultaneous fuel for both Gate and Miracle Fusion is great. There’s also some really hilarious plays considering both Sorcerer and Effect Veiler are Spellcasters that allow you to summon Arcanite Magician and then destroy 2 cards and proceed into Supreme Arcanite Magician with Fusion Gate and an additional Sorcerer or Veiler in hand. Not to mention that Arcanite and Supreme Arcanite are both Light monsters as well. I’m not sure how conventional that is but I’d sure like to try it out. Speaking of which, if anyone could find a way to use Lightray Sorcerer and Miracle Synchro Fusion together that’d be really cool.

Even more obvious than the aforementioned cards is the already standard stuff like Thunder King Rai-oh and Honest. Proving once again that they’re a Hero’s best friend. There’s also some opportunity to run some weirdos as far as HEROs are concerned such as Dimensional Alchemist and even Tour Guide from the Underworld since Leviair will be welcome here because of all the Banished monsters; who wouldn’t love to revive a Stratos?

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Concerning which HERO monsters to run there’s the obligatory Stratos as well as the Neo Alius with the Gemini Sparks. Elemental HERO Prisma also makes a clean fit into this deck making some really quick dumps to load for Miracle Fusion with cards like Bubbleman. Bubbleman will also make a nice fit in this deck since OTKs are always welcome and Utopia and Utopia Ray are Light monsters to fuel all this Lightray madness. One of the easiest ways to get a huge amount of Light monsters in grave is an easy combo with Photon Thrasher and Prisma. You special the first then summon Prisma and use its effect to dump an Elemental HERO Sparkman (or any other Light Fusion Material monster you may be running, Glow Moss and Neos are other monsters that comes to mind) Then XYZ for Utopia and Overlay that for Utopia Ray. Once he’s destroyed you’ll have 5 Lights in the graveyard (all if which are Warriors if any of you are thinking about Lightray Gearfreid) to setup any of the other Lightray monster that may tickle your fancy.

Next week, a far more obscure idea based almost solely on the card Cyber Valley.

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