No Article This Week

No article this week.

I’m (Kyle) currently in the process of transferring all my stuff to a new computer, so I don’t at the moment have access to all the things I usually do in order to make an article, so I decided I would wait until next week to make an article.

For those yearning for some kind of a Yugioh opinion to read, I will give a quick blurb about the dumbness of the emergency ban list. First, I completely agree with all of the limits and bans made by the list. I don’t agree with the Magician unlimits though on the whole. The main problem I do have with this list though is the absolute transparency of motive it reveals. Konami literally only cares about the money and this list makes it incredibly obvious. I could’ve told you That Grass Looks Greener was a terrible card for the game before the OCG even got it, let alone the TCG. Terrortop should have been limited to one back in Burning Abyss formats of old, and we all called for it back then as well only to receive it as an emergency ban, as if it only become way too good now. Norden is just a terribly designed card and upon reading it everyone understood how stupid it was, and after more time it only got more broken than we anticipated it to be.

So basically this list is unreasonably late on all of those changes, but Konami purposefully allowed them into the game in order to sell products. It’s very obvious with Grass given it was a Secret Rare which helped move product because it was a chase card. Terrortop being unlimited makes the pluthera of decks they released in the recent span that summon M-X-Saber Invoker vastly more powerful, for example Zoodiacs, one again selling more product. Norden is just a terrible card that should’ve been limited on release, and then banned upon the first ban list after release. It also made all the new decks overwhelming to sub-tier decks, thus selling new product. All of these point towards the ban list being a decision mostly based around money.

The Magicians are even more blatant. “Oh look, we’re about to release a set of cards that really would appreciate the unlimiting of all those really good Magician cards.” A pack, that should be a structure deck (another blatant money grab because of the change), that has a bunch of Magician support in it is being released soon.Then Konami “emergency unlimits” ┬áMagician support? That’s absurd, you can’t do an emergency unban, there’s no precedent. Also, these cards are in my opinion reasonably limited to an extent, especially once this new support comes out, which makes these cards incredibly powerful, possibly meta.

I suppose you could say that Konami is just ignorant and stupid as a counterargument, which is also possible, but after what appears to be a continuous stream of decisions only motivated by profit you wouldn’t convince me of that. Whatevs. See ya’ll next week!

Written by: Kyle Oliver

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