ORCS Post Review: Photons

Here we are, Order of Chaos is now officially released, and I figured it be a nice time to talk about some of the really surprising and over looked cards from the pack. One archetype that I honestly thought was just plain garbage for a long time I’m starting to realize is actually quite strong and that’s Photons. Right before the pre-release I looked at them more extensively and found them to be better than I expected, but after testing them out they’re actually really cool.

The first card on the chopping block is a card I almost completely overlooked before the pack came out. It was only when dueling at the pre-release that Photon Thrasher caught my eye. Then after some extra research after that I found out that this card is just plain good. To boil the card down to its core it’s a Cyber Dragon with a more lenient summoning condition since it doesn’t require the opponent to have any cards for it to work. It’s got a staunch 2100 attack, which can muscle through a whole slew of things, bate out Thunder King Rai-ohs and is just generically effective at the minor cost of not allowing you to control no other monsters in order to attack. This is easily worked around considering how well it combos with some other things.

Photon Thrasher is pretty much a perfect combo with Photon Lizard, another card from ORCS. Lizard can tribute itself to add a level 4 or lower Photon monster to the hand. (of which Thrasher is a name) So you can normal a Lizard and Tribute it to add Thrasher and then Special Summon it, which is pretty much a one card 2100 beater, and it’s quite consistent. (Not to mention he’s also searchable by Reinforcements of the Army since he’s a level 4 warrior, furthering his utility) This also loads the Graveyard with Light monsters, which seems to be the most difficult of the chaos twins. This, like I stated earlier makes is easier to not have other monsters on the field beside it so it can attack since you can just be Tributing Lizards after they’re summoned to keep Thrasher the only monster on the field as well as building up an ideal hand.

But back to Thrasher. As I said it’s quite easy to work around his attacking condition with some simple play. The first way is just by using monsters that expend themselves easily, such as Photon Lizard or some other kind of monster that pretty much kills itself to get the job done, like D.D. Warrior Lady. Simply enough, you use that monster before you attack allowing you to attack with Thrasher. The second way to evade this is to use Thrasher as XYZ material, which he works wonderfully as considering he’s super easy to Special Summon and he’s level 4. Thrasher allows for some really easy clutch Utopia plays or, if you have another level 4 warrior, some big damage pushes with Blade Armor Ninja.


Moving back to Photon Lizard, this card is also really good. This card makes Photon quite consistent as well as thins the deck (which is a pseudo form of consistency) and even loads the Graveyard.  Ideally this card would add one of two main Photon Monsters to hand: Thrasher (whom I mentioned earlier) or Photon Sabre Tiger. Photon Sabre Tiger is a fantastic card if you didn’t already know that, and with Lizard it becomes easily searchable, which is pretty cool considering it’s got 2000 attack, which is usually a number that is unsearchable. Lastly, Lizard just dumps Light monsters into the graveyard which is great for summoning cards like Chaos Sorcerer and BLS, making Photons a really good fit in Chaos Engines.


The next card is the fusion monster: Twin Photon Lizard. This card isn’t amazing, but it has a whole lot of potential. Twin Lizard is a fusion of any two Photon monsters and once he’s summoned you can tribute him to Special Summon his fusion material form the Graveyard. At the moment all he really does is just move cards around which gives some nice versatility to the deck as well as access to some nice advantageous cards like Fusion Recovery, which allows you to re-use Thrashers and Lizards to no end. But until a Photon monster comes out that really controls the field, Twin Lizard is only going to be an “okay” card. That’s not to say he doesn’t still have some good tricks up his sleeve though.

The most obvious thing to do with Twin Lizard is to fuse him using two Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon and special summon them both, giving you two clean 3000 beaters, which is nothing to snuff at. He also combos very nicely with Photon Sabre Tiger since Tiger practically makes the fusion requirements for the card himself. Here’s how it works, you Summon Tiger and add another Tiger to hand, then play Polymerization and fuse to them together for Twin Lizard then tribute them to summon them both back. Now you got two 2000 beaters (if it matters that’s half your opponent’s life points) and it only took you two cards. You now also have a lot of options since you have two level 3 monsters on the field in terms of XYZs summoning. Usually a good play after lobbing 4000 into the opponent is going defensive into Wind-up Zenmaines.

There’s also one last little fun thing to do with Twin Lizard and it’s an old card called Super Rejuvenation. It’s a quick-play spell card that allows you to draw a card for every Dragon monster that you controlled that was discarded or Tributed during this turn during the End Phase. This card becomes a really effective draw card when combined with Twin Lizard and Lizard, since they’re both dragons that Tribute themselves. Here’s an Example of a really good combo: Play Polymerization fusing a Thrasher and a Lizard for Twin Photon Lizard, then Tribute it to revive both its material, then Tribute the Lizard to search for a Photon Sabre Tiger. Now you’ve effectively tributed 2 Dragons this turn making Super Rejuvenation a Pot of Greed for this turn. Pretty cool!


This last card is just straight up blatantly good. Photon Trident is just one of those really good damage step cards that can just wreck people. (In the vein of cards like Horn of the Phantom Beast) This card is really straight forward so there’s not a whole lot to say about it. It gives one of your Photon monsters 700 attack until the End Phase, as well as Piercing, and if you monster inflicts battle damage you destroy a spell or trap. These kind of cards are really easy to play mind games with, especially since it’s a quick-play meaning you can drop it from your hand. Using on your opponent’s monsters when they attack you can really mess up an entire field really fast. Take for example if you have a Thrasher on the field, the opponent summons maybe a Leviath Dragon attempting to attack over it, you activate Photon Trident in the Damage step, destroy there monster then destroy a spell or trap. That’s just plain rude! And destroying Spells and Traps in the damage step is amazing, since in the Damage Step almost every one of them are unchain-able. This means you can destroy them without any reply from the opponent.

And that’s all I got. Try it out, fiddle with ’em. Try to build some kind of engine with Photon monsters and you’ll likely be surprised because it’s actually quite a good deck. If in the future more support comes out I can see this deck becoming very powerful.

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