Portland Oregon Regionals Report

Hey, ‘sup it’s me Kyle, back from the Portland Regionals this Saturday. Quite the fun day I do have to say, it felt like I was on vacation for a whole week! Me, Matt, Justen and 4 others (Nate, Kegan, Tyler, Joe and Seth) all headed down to Seth’s house in Tacoma (about a 3 hour drive from Portland, where the Regionals where held) on Friday night and arrived around 12 or 1, I wasn’t totally sure when stayed up way to late then went to bed. The next morning we left at 7 and arrived at the location around 9:30, 30 minutes before the event started. Lucky for use we preregistered for the tournament and made it in, while a whole slew of people did not (even some people from our own card shop). As one of the judges told me, there where around 110 preregistered duelists out of the 152 maximum entry for the tourney, so not many walk-ins made it into the tournament.

Once again I was sick for the beginning of the tournament, but it went away for the most part after the first round. Tums are pretty much amazing!

I took my HERO Beat deck again, this time much more refined. I opted for a more slow variant, no Bubbleman this time since my testing has been giving off inconsistent hands. I ran a build similar to the highest ranking HERO player at YCS Long Beach using 2 Beast King Barbaros and 2 Skill Drain. Overall I went 6-2, had a lot of fun and learned some cool stuff too.

ROUND 1: Me vs. Chris (Karakuri)

Game 1: I really wasn’t expecting this deck to even be here so it caught me a little off guard at first, but I turned it around pretty quick. My hefty clump of spells and traps broke up most of his plays and he didn’t have any good answers to Neos Alius without Synchroing, which my deck can deal with wonderfully. (Win)

Game 2: He goes first this game and I don’t open a whole lot of Trap cards and I can’t stop him from getting out a Bureido. He ends up sitting on it for a long time and I can’t get any outs that he can’t answer. I activated all 3 Miracle Fusions in my deck as well as a Super Poly. He ends up either going Bottomless or Torrential + Macro Cosmos on all my Shinings and he Veilers my Gaia. (Lose)

Game 3: We don’t get that far into the game, but I have a significant lead in cards. A judge next to us says as I draw for my turn that I have the final turn. Neither of us realized that we’d gone into time, so it was a little awkward. Since I have the final turn I attack bringing him down to 100 less LP than me, kinda lame. (Win)

1 – 0

ROUND 2: Me vs. Nelson (Inzektors)

Game 1: I open pretty trashy, almost all spells and a Compulsory, but I’m sure the other guy was kind of annoyed with the way I play with it. First I summon Stratos add Alius set compulsory, End. He Heavy Storms and  then goes all Inzektor crazy and brings me down to 1000 LP. I end up looping The Shining’s and having just enough back-row to disrupt him and prevent any more damage for about 3 turns. He eventually runs out of cards and doesn’t top deck either Dragonfly or Centipede and I beat him down. (Win)

Game 2: I open with Skill Drain and when he finally flips his Decree he’s already out of options because he used his monsters to keep me from attacking for game. (Win)

2 – 0

ROUND 3: Me vs. Justen (Gladiator Beasts)

Yes, this is Justen from the YCG Podcast that I faced. It was kind of lame that we had to play each other but we kind of summoned the possibility by saying it on the Podcast so we almost expected it. It was a lot more mellow than a duel against a stranger though, which was nice.

Game 1: I pretty much do was my deck does best, make a bunch of advantage trough battle with Neos Alius and disrupt all your plays so you can’t do anything. I don’t take any damage. (Win)

Game 2: Due to a unfortunate mistake in Justen’s build he ends up not being able to make a play that he was in the proccess of doing because he was only running 1 Laquari. (I’m pretty sure this bit him in the butt later in the day too) I honestly wouldn’t have let the play go through anyways, but it saved me some cards for later which essentially seals the duel. Justen ends up halving his own LP 4 times leaving him at one point at 462.5 LPs, awesome! (Win)

3 – 0

We take a lunch break. Nom Nom.

ROUND 4: Me vs. David (T.G. Agents)

This guy was really cool, we had a very chatty game. We both poked fun at each other the whole time.

Game 1: I was a little wowed by someone running Agents and let alone being 3-0 at this point with them. This game I open really really bad. I open with Alius set 2. He Heavy Storms (I got first turn Stormed so many times this Regionals, it was kind of annoying ) then summons Venus into Gantetsu and attacks over Alius. I have my own Heavy Storm and 2 Miracle Fusions left in hand and I draw into Dark Hole. He ends up just attacking for game in the next 2 turns. (Lose)

Game 2: I open better this game and pretty much control his every move. I bottomless his Venus after he pays his first 500 and after that I just kind of sit on my back-row until I win when I draw Miracle Fusion. (Win)

Game 3: He goes first, sets one to each zone. I think he has a T.G. face-down so I summon T-King, which ends up being a horrible mistake since for the first time in all 3 duels he reveals he has a defensive trap card and he activates Bottomless Trap Hole on T-King. I could’ve gone Alius with Gemini Spark but I didn’t think he had any traps, so it’s my fault I guess. I set 2 and end and then he Heavy Storms again! He follows that up with Prohibition on Neos Alius and my hand is Miracle Fusion, Gemini Spark and Neos Alius and then I pretty much get owned from there. (Lose)

3 – 1

ROUND 5: Me vs. Nien (Wind-Ups)

Game 1: He opens pretty much crap. He sets a Magician which I tie with my Stratos. Then he starts setting Maxx “C”s and Veilers until he loses. (Win)

Game 2: He sides into Wind-Up Beasts: Flamvell Firedog/Magician, Berzerk Gorilla and Ape Fighter. He also sides into Macro Cosmos. It’s a really grinded out duel and I end up not being able to win when I draw my 2nd Super Poly because I only run 1 Nova Master, which I had already used previously. Oh well, maybe I’ll run a 2nd one. (Lose)

Game 3: We both open bad. I have D.D. Warrior Lady, 2 Neos Alius, ROTA, E – Emergency Call and Super Poly. We grind out for a reeeeeally long time until late in the game I try to activate Super Poly when he has Macro Cosmos on the field. He says that I can’t while Macro is up and I pretty sure he’s wrong, but I let it slide. Unfortunately that makes me lose since I draw my other Super Poly and 2 Skill Drains after that and just eat damage until I lose. (Lose)

3 – 2

EDIT: (I checked not too long ago, today when I’m posting this edit being the Tuesday after, and have found that you can play Super Poly under Macro Cosmos, there’s absolutely no reason why not. You can activate it and both regular Poly while Macro is on the field. Too bad I guess.)

I was kind of sad losing 2 in a row, but pretty determined to win now because I didn’t want to be 5 – 3.

ROUND 6: Me vs. John (Inzektors)

John’s running the build I would  probably run with Zektcalibur. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t side Decree though and I feel like he should’ve been.

Game 1: Slow back and forth game. He blows up my stuff attacks a little I follow up and disrupt everything. I end up attacking for game with Barbaros by flipping Skill Drain on attack declaration when he has 2900 left. (Win)

Game 2: He opens with Centipede equipped with 2 Zektcalibur and then sets 3. I really can’t deal with it at all and lose very quickly. (Lose)

Game 3: I open with Shadow Mirror and chain it to his Dragonfly’s effect and he chain MST and I chain Solemn Judgement paying 4000. He attacks directly putting me at 3000. I summon Alius into Torrential into Gemini Spark. He follows up with Reborn on my Alius which I Solemn Warning putting me at 1000. After that I try to push really quickly and end up attacking for exact game with a 3500 The Shining and a D.D. Crow. Cuh Caaww! (Win)

4 – 2

ROUND 7: Me vs. Kyle (Chaos Piper)

It’s a Kyle mirror match!! Before the game start the other Kyle’s friend says I’m going to win because I have a beard.

Game 1: There’s really nothing his deck can do once I get Skill Drain up. I slowly, very very slowly, win, but I must attack through about 5 or 6 Battle Fader’s in the process. (Win)

Game 2: We’re almost already into to time, but luckily this game goes fast. He pretty much Caius rushes me with Decree backup and since I sided out MST I can’t really stop it. (Lose)

Game 3: I put the MSTs back in in 3’s. We end up going into time and I just keep setting monsters knowing he can’t get more than one attack off per turn. (Win)

5 – 2

In the middle of this duel a guy at table 1 top decks a Mind Control and takes his opponent’s Utopia and makes Utopia Ray attacking for game. So fail.

ROUND 8: Me vs. Nate (Fabledsworn)

Nate is my friend, he came with our group. I was kind of lame having to play two of my friends. That and I was afraid of Nate’s deck because I usually wins on his first or second turn, he had finished his previous match in 4 minutes.

Game 1: I go summon Stratos set 2. He goes and OTKs me, lol. (Lose)

Game 2: I side like a crazy person, siding in 12 cards. I lock him down with Rivalry or Warlords and Skill Drain and poke at him until he loses. (Win)

Game 3: He goes setting a monster. I start setting D.D. Warrior Lady and 3 back row all of which very live. I control his plays completely not allowing any Synchro summons and when he finally Synchros I compulse it. (Win)

6 – 2

I end up getting 20th which means I got another invite which is pretty cool. I don’t get any fun prizes or anything though.

Here’s my decklist for the event:


  • 1 Elemental HERO Stratos
  • 3 Elemental HERO Neos Alius
  • 2 Thunder King Rai-oh
  • 2 Beast King Barbaros


  • 1 Reinforcements of the Army
  • 2 E – Emergency Call
  • 3 Gemini Spark
  • 3 Miracle Fusion
  • 3 Pot of Duality
  • 1 Future Fusion
  • 1 Heavy Storm (Tempestada Pesada)
  • 1 Mystical Space Typhoon
  • 1 Dark Hole
  • 1 Monster Reborn


  • 2 Torrential Tribute
  • 2 Hero Blast
  • 2 Compulsory Evacuation Device
  • 2 Dimensional Prison
  • 2 Skill Drain
  • 2 Solemn Warning
  • 1 Solemn Judgement
  • 1 Mirror Force
  • 1 Starlight Road


  • 3 Elemental HERO The Shining
  • 2 Elemental HERO Absolute Zero
  • 1 Elemental HERO Great Tornado
  • 1 Elemental HERO Nova Master
  • 1 Elemental HERO Gaia
  • 1 Dragon Knight Draco-Equiste
  • 1 Chimeratech Fortress Dragon
  • 2 No. 39: Utopia
  • 1 CNo. 39: Utopia Ray
  • 1 Blade Armor Ninja
  • 1 Stardust Dragon


  • 2 D.D. Warrior Lady
  • 2 D.D. Crow
  • 2 Super Polymerization
  • 2 Mystical Space Typhoon
  • 2 Rivalry of Warlords
  • 2 Shadow Imprisoning Mirror
  • 2 Bottomless Trap Hole
  • 1 Dark Bribe

The only thing I’d change is the Dark Bribe in the side, which was just a random lat minute add because I realized I only had 14 cards in my side, and the Monster Reborn could probably be something else, but I don’t know what at this point.


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