Priority is Gone kinda

Over at the Yugioh Official Site and the Yugioh Blog, history was made in the TCG with a change in the way Player Priority is handled. Many of you are familiar with the old way. Here’s an example if you’re not:

The turn player special summons Chaos Sorcerer successfully. As the turn player, they have priority to activate the first card or card effect in response to this event. They activate the Ignition Effect of Chaos Sorcerer and target their opponent’s monster. Now, finally, the opponent has the ability to respond with cards like Torrential Tribute, Book of Moon,  Bottomless Trap Hole, etc.

The old Priority allowed you to activate any monster’s Ignition Effect when a monster was summoned, the new priority does not. As the turn player YOU STILL HAVE PRIORITY to activate appropriate cards and effects when a monster is summoned. For example, one can still “call priority” to activate spell or trap cards when you summon your own monster. You still have access to all Spell Speed 2 and 3 Spells and Traps, as well as monster’s quick-effects as those are classified as Spell Speed 2.

The TCG and the OCG are now more similar in terms of game mechanics. The game, as a whole, becomes a little more stable for us as cards like Wind-Up Zenmaighty, Rescue Rabit, and Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning have a fair and punishable aspect to them.

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