Product Analysis: Galactic Overlord

Replacing YIP will be an analysis of every new Yugioh product that will come out in the future. The move towards generalization was a conscious one, as I feel its a better approach to give people my opinion and information and let them draw their own conclusions when it comes to investment and such. That doesn’t mean I wont drop the occasional hint or two about potentially lucrative investment opportunities ;O.

So without futher ado…


Galactic Overlord:

What a… interesting pack this turned out to be. In the grand scheme of Yugioh products, its far from the worst (that title belongs to Cybernetic Revolution…*shudder*) but it really didnt knock my socks off with its awesomeness either (like ORCS, yeah!). And from reading around the sneak peak for it tended to have left a bad taste in many peoples mouths. But enough chitchat, here’s the analysis:


The people to see:

Galactic Overlord introduces the Hieratic and Lightray archetype, as well as major support for Inzektors and Evols. The verdict still isn’t in about how good TCG Hieratics will be, and Lightrays haven’t made much of a splash in the OCG. The Inzektor and Evol support (and by support i mean Inzektor Ladybug and Evo-Diversity) is really good, but then again its common/rare, so you shouldn’t really be hurting to get it. Overall I think this is so-so pack as far as archetype support goes.


The places to go:

Rarity-wise, I feel like the spread is subpar, almost as bad as Extreme Victory. There’s tons of secrets and ultras that you don’t want to pull, like Focus Force (Ultra), Neo-Galaxy Eyes (Ultra), Xyz Unit (Ultra), Tardy Orc (Secret) and Lucky Stripe (Secret). I’m expecting this pack to turn out similarly to Extreme Victory, that is, a mediocre pack with a few good chase cards, like…


The things to do:

Cardcar D: The chase card of this pack, its currently sitting in the 100-120$ range. Whether its worth its high price point is a fact that will become apparent after the first few YCS where its legal.


Photon Strike Bounzer: A good card with a good effect, I just wish it wasn’t secret. Its big in Hieratics and thats about it, so its price will rise and fall with them.


Night Beam: Amazing card, and its price isnt too high either for a ultra (~15$).



This really isnt a pack you want to buy. Take the information I’ve provided and decide for yourself if its worth it, but in my opinion, unless you need multiple (10+) super/ultra/secret cards from the pack, your money would be better spent buying them as singles, as there isnt a whole lot of tradebait you could pull to leverage out a pack where you dont get what you want. Return of the Duelist is shaping up to be a pretty amazing pack, so look forward to that and avert your eyes from this lukewarm pack >_>.

Till next time!

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