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I’m pretty busy this week, so just a quick blurb.

My church has its annual Christmas Production this week which has 5 performances and 2 dress rehearsals, and I’m one of the stage hands at said event so I’ve been busy literally all week bar a couple days, in which I totally wasn’t thinking about Yugioh, so this week I’m just making a little quicky for the article.

I really don’t get to play Yugioh much if at all anymore, so I’m really hoping I can get in the time to go to this upcoming regionals in my state in the next couple weeks. I’ll likely be running either Fluffals or Stall, because that’s literally all I have in real life that I have any semblance of knowledge about. I figured I would bring up a new card that came out that I’m using in my stall deck that was honestly a terrible Yugioh card called Present Card:

Present Card

Trap Card
Your opponent discards their entire hand, then draws 5 cards. You can only activate 1 “Present Card” per turn.

It’s pretty obvious no-one will run this in any legitimate deck and it’s reserved for degenerate strategies, which I so happen to have a deck perfect for. This card is clearly only meant for milling decks with the purpose of dumping a massive amount of cards out of the opponent’s hand. Of course, if you wanted to be cheeky you could use it as a counter to your opponent using Maxx “C”, or maybe you could activate it at the resolution of the opponent using Pot of Desires and get a plus 1 (assuming they went second with 6 cards), but those are mostly far flung uses for this card. The real idea is that this card effectively mills 5 cards from the opponent’s deck every time it’s used.

And could there be a more perfect deck to use this in than Mask of Darkness stall? Using the Mask of Darkness Tsukuyomi combo you can infinitely recycle this card to blow through your opponent’s deck once you’ve setup a solid lock down. This completely eliminates the need for Magician of Faith and Book of Eclipse altogether, freeing up a lot more space for consistency cards or more stall cards.

Basically all that to say, beware! Stall is getting better!


Written by: Kyle Oliver

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