Quick Podcast Update

Just a quick update on the going-ons of the YCG Podcast.

This week and weekend, both myself (being Kyle who is writing this) and Justen were away, so we of course where unable to record the podcast. But fear not listeners, we will be returning to you next week on our normal schedule (though I admit we’ve been pretty shoddy in upload times before). That means next week you can look forward to a new upload with certainty, unless something no-good terrible happens of course!

With the same preface in mind, I (still being Kyle) have no article for this here Monday because I was away. I will also be getting back to my regular article schedule next week. I’ve recently been playing a lot of games using the newer Cyber Dragon support cards from the structure deck and if you so desire I could talk about some of my thoughts, since I actually very much like the deck.

QOTW? Question of the Week:

Lightsworn Sanctuary! Discuss your thoughts on this card in the comments section below! Is it good? Suck or cool?

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