Random Ruling: Starlight Road

We all know Starlight Road, it’s pretty rampant this format now that there’s so many mass destruction cards like Dark Hole, Heavy Storm and for the first time in a while 2 Torrential Tributes. But, is there a way to possibly evade the opponent taking control after a well timed Starlight Road? Read on friends, nifty rulings ahead!

Well, the answer to that question is “kind of”. Nonetheless, it’s still quite the nifty technique you can use that may even change the tide of a duel. All it takes to work is one Mystical Space Typhoon. It all comes down to something people tend to get confused but is actually really simple and that’s doing things in the card stated order.

Basically, when resolving a card’s effect you always do things in the order the card says. Pretty obvious right? But, when it comes down to some situations sometimes one of the effects will not resolve and then as are the rules in Yugioh, if one of the effects of a card does not occur, then next effect on the card will not continue. May sound a little confusing at first, but I’ll give two examples.

Example one is with Bottomless Trap Hole. Many people commonly get confused with Bottomless thinking that even if the monster is not destroyed shouldn’t it still banish that monster? The answer is no, it will not. Say an opponent summons a Wind-Up Zenmaines (for clarification to those who don’t know Zenmaines’ effect, Zenmaines can detach 1 XYZ material to prevent itself from being destroyed) then in response to that summon you activate Bottomless Trap Hole. Zenmaines will use its effect to prevent its own destruction and this makes it so the second half of Bottomless Trap Hole’s effect will not resolve since the first half did not. Since Zenmaines was not destroyed it does not get banished.

Similarly we have example 2. Gemini Spark is a card that tributes a level 4 Gemini monster to destroy a card, then it draws a card.  If you where to tribute a Elemental HERO Neos Alius (a level 4 Gemini) to destroy a card with Gemini Spark and it gets negated by a Stardust Dragon, then since a card wasn’t destroyed by Gemini Spark you don’t get to draw a card.

Hopefully those explanations where helpful in explaining. (maybe you’ll even try to use some of this knowledge against some HERO players to your advantage) Back to the matter at hand though, Starlight Road. If you look at the card text it fits a situation similar to these, and using that you can make a loophole of sorts. Starlight Road first negates and destroys the card it’s negating, then it will summon a Stardust Dragon. Looking at this you can see that if Starlight Road doesn’t destroy the card it is negating, then it cannot resolve the second half of its effect that summons a Stardust Dragon. So basically, if you just remove the card from the field that Starlight Road would destroy before it resolves then you can prevent the summon of the Stardust. The easiest way to do this is with a Mystical Space Typhoon.

I’ll use an example once again (so many examples today). You play Heavy Storm into your opponent’s 2+ back row and they chain Starlight Road. Then you respond with MST on your own Heavy Storm. Then Starlight Road will still negate the Heavy Storm (which kind of sucks but…) and Starlight Road no longer summons a Stardust since it didn’t destroy a card. Pretty cool right?

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