Random Thoughts: SPYRALs

Just some of the ideas I’ve been mulling over about SPYRALs.

Quick article this week, I’ll probably being doing a couple similarly styled articles in the future. I’m just going to lay out a couple of the ideas I’ve been pouring over in my mind for different decks, I won’t give all too much explanation, but this is basically just an info dump of what I’ve been thinking about, at least Yugioh-wise.

Getting SPYRAL Quik-Fix Into the Graveyard:

After countless duels it’s pretty clear to myself, and to most people who’ve played a lot with SPYRALs, that SPYRAL Quik-Fix is possibly the most important part of the deck. This then comes with the massive caveat that you need to get him into the graveyard before this deck really does anything. There are really only 4 ways in current builds that people do this, five if you count a final bad way that I’ll mention:

  • Foolish Burial
  • One for One (discarding Quik-Fix)
  • Twin Twisters (discarding Quik-Fix)
  • Machine Duplication (using Quik-Fix and XYZ dumping all 3 copies into the graveyard)
  • Normal Summoning and crashing Quik-Fix (Sometimes it’s worth it…)

Of these, Foolish Burial and One for One are almost always good, but they’re limited to 1 so they’re unreliable. If you could somehow run additional copies of each that’d be amazing.

Twin Twisters is really hit and miss, you need the opponent to set cards and ideally multiple because destroying 1 spell/trap just to discard Quik-Fix is usually just a loss of advantage for no reason, especially considering this deck already easily can destroy a single spell/trap with SPYRAL Super Agent. You also need to draw Quik-Fix and you need to draw Twin Twisters together, not always a given. On top of that you only get your milage if you additionally have Super Agent. Even after that, sometimes people don’t main Twin Twisters in this deck because it’s providing very little considering the most inherent part of the decks strategy already destroys spells and traps.

Machine Duplication is weird, good and bad. The main bad is that in order to optimize Machine Duplication’s use you need a YCS prize card, which is laughable to me. Otherwise it’s really “meh” and success in less powerful combos is usually predicated on you additionally drawing Super Agent allowing you to revive more Quik-Fixes.

On top of those things, even when you pull off all this sometimes you’ll end your turn with only a Quik-Fix or no monsters in your graveyard making any previous activation of SPYRAL Resort less valuable or bad. That meaning I’ll want another monster to shuffle back into the deck as well as get Quik-Fix into the graveyard on turn one.

So here’s some other ways I’ve pondered over that have been of interest to me:

  • Mathematician
    • Pretty blatant, just dump it straight there similar to Foolish Burial. I like putting it directly in the graveyard rather than summoning it outright because SPYRALs gain a lot of mileage out of discarding cards to revive Quik-Fix. The discard can put monsters into the graveyard for Resort’s maintenance or even discard another Quik-Fix to make an easy Rank 1 XYZ.
  • Machina Fortress
    • I’ve had quite a bit of success with this one but it’s just shy of something great. I’ve tried both running Machina Gearframe and not, as well as crazy Synchro builds similar to KMP (Karakuri Machina Plants). I really feel like there’s a lot of potential there, but I don’t know exactly where to go with it because I’m not really attuned to all of those crazy elongated combos that result in lockdown fields.
  • True King Lithosagym, the Disaster
    • I really like the True King archetype and I’ve been dumping them mindlessly into everything I’ve been testing lately. With the addition of their field spell in the next set  as well as the WIND True Kind the synergy will be much more applicable for this deck combination in the future. As of now we’ve got both Quik-Fix and Super Agent as EARTH monsters that don’t mind being in the graveyard. You can also destroy other True Kings of course or even SPYRAL Master Plan in order to get it into the graveyard where it’s more easy to revive with SPYRAL GEAR – Big Red.

Graveyard Shuffling Dilemma:

I keep running into the same issue when I run SPYRALs: I cannot seem to get monsters into the graveyard early game to maintain for shuffling with SPYRAL Resort. I also feel like there’s so much untapped potential with the idea of shuffling back cards infinitely. Here’s some ideas relating to that:

  • Reborn Tengu/Zoodiac
    • Maybe this in the end has no purpose, but I think just having a potentially infinite stream of Reborn Tengus due to Resort is pretty interesting. In combination with Tenki you can get to it pretty often and focus strategy around it. Inherently, when running Tenki I think a mini Zoodiac engine makes sense. Not only does this supply cards for the maintenance of Resort, but the Zoodiacs actually want to be shuffled back. You could literally just run 3 Rat, 1 Viper and 2-3 Tenki for the engine and keep shuffling back the Zoodiac XYZ and Rats with Resort. It’s kin of lame because obviously Zoodiac are good in everything, but I don’t think it’s wrong to mention it for this deck either.
  • Fire and Ice Hand
    •  Similar to Tengu, especially against decks that cannot functionally remove monsters without destroying cards. Ice Hand also allows you to run Instant Fusion with Elder Entity Norden to make Bahamut Shark and Toadally Awesome.
  • Volcanics
    • I was trying to test this out a lot, it’s a very interesting synergy. Volcanics simple love having there cards discarded, so you can easily make magic happen when combined with Quik-Fix in the graveyard, but of course that’s still not all that easy to perform on command. In addition you can keep shuffling back your Volcanic Shells to infinite search them. So far I like it, but I think it needs some major honing to work more effectively.
  •  Ghostricks
    • I really don’t know where to start with this idea, but I really like the idea of running a bunch of Ghostricks in the deck because the deck so easily goes into Ghostrick Dullahan even without running Ghostricks to begin with. I just can’t tear myself away from all the free advantage to be gained with these two decks in combination, especially since you can make Dullahan and then make Ghostrick Angel of Mischief to search spells and trap so easily. It just seems so good. Naturally it would be an abhorrent stall deck so I don’t think it can feasibly go mainstream.
    • You could also run CardCar D, the classic, because you play Resort, search with Resort and then summon CardCar D and draw two ending your turn. Then you can maintain Resort by shuffling back that CardCar D.
    • Then, to cap it all off, you’re shuffling back Ghostricks with Resort, making the stalling near infinite. Decking out opponent’s might even be an option.
  • Mystic Piper
    • Maybe just an offshoot of Ghostricks, especially since I would still probably run some Ghostricks in this idea, but you could pretty easily run a Mystic Piper SPYRAL deck because both Quick-Fix and SPYRAL GEAR – Drone are level 1. Mystic Piper gets the deck more draw power while also putting monsters into the graveyard, being itself, for SPYRAL Resort. Maybe this just belongs in the Ghostrick section?

That’s all I got! See ya next week!

Written by: Kyle Oliver

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