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  1. WorldsFastestDuelist

    ok heres a idea for a podcast: the 3 of u build decks based off listener imput, like the choices for justin are x-sabers, worms & hazy flames. same with matt and kyle they get to choose from 3 random decks, you build & refine them over time with listener imput then take them to a big event a regional would be ideal but a box tourny would be good too due to the quality of players in tour area. then report the results. it might be more of a weekly update thing until the tourny but it would be cool

  2. Please make a deck around jinzo. I used to run jinzo otk back in the day and i would like to see a modern deck main jinzo

  3. Infernities. I’ve been playing them for a couple years now and would like to see some outside opinions on them.

  4. Hey guys! Omniditto here! I’m not sure if you remember, but we once did a podcast together a long while ago (SackingFTW). I took a break from the game after the release of Shadow Spectres, and have just recently decided to come back to the game. My request for a topic (or questions really) are: How has the game changed since Shadow Spectres? What advice would you give to somebody just coming back into the game? And as a personal favor, what are your favorite moments and/or decks/formats that have come about since the release of Shadow Spectres? Thank you so much for making the podcast, I look forward to listwning to the enormous backlog of quality content from you guys 🙂

  5. It’s been 2 months since your last podcast when are ya gonna air # 160?

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