Spokane WA, Regional Report

Regional report for regionals in Spokane on October 25th.

Hey, it’s me Kyle. I just got back from regionals from Spokane. For those unaware, it takes roughly 4 hours to get to Spokane from where I live, so it’s quite an ordeal compared to Seattle regionals. Me and 4 others (Kevin, Ricky, Devin and Justen) went down the night before and stayed at Drew’s place, thanks again Drew! It started off  weird, we were first supposed to be Me, Rob, Matt and Kevin, but both Matt and Rob couldn’t go last minute. I got a text from Justen saying he could probably go the day before so I added him to my list, I then made a quick call to Devin and he got his work shifts covered in one day and he called up Ricky and then we were ready!

It’s now Friday, we meet outside our local card shop, Phoenix Games. The four of us are waiting for Justen to arrive, but then I get a text saying the person that’s supposed to come in for work after Justen flaked so he had to stay later. We wait a little extra and eventually Justen is on his way to the card shop. While driving up in the parking lot, Justen gets hit by a pizza delivery driver around a blind corner. We then have to wait about 2 more hours for a sheriff and other things. Finally we get on our way and we arrive at Drew’s house around 3 AM, much later than planned. We get almost no sleep and wake up at 8 AM and leave for the tournament at 9. The tournament starts at 10-ish. I got almost no sleep so I was pretty hazy all day, in fact I’m still hazy as I type right now.

For the tournament I decided to use Shaddoll Artifacts. I don’t typically use meta, but after Regionals I had really felt the burden of running a non-meta deck during this format and had decided to use this instead. I had literally only played 5 matches with the deck, that was my only experience using the deck. As the day went on I got better with the deck and understood it more. Justen ended up using my Lightsworn Ruler deck because he didn’t have another deck to run and we couldn’t get together the cards to make Gigavise in time for the tournament either. Here’s my build:

About my deck list. I would have used Mathematician, but in my group of 5 we only had 1 playset and I decided it would be better for Justen to use them in Lightsworn Rulers than me use them because I had an alternative in the form of Armageddon Knight. I actually really liked Armageddon Knight in the end because It allows you to be more aggressive because I makes more Rank 4 XYZ and also can be used as fusion material for Winda because its DARK. This wont be relevant in the future though when the EARTH fusion comes out because you can be aggressive with Mathematician when it comes out.

Second thing, I had no Vanity’s Emptiness so I decided to run 3 Call of the Haunted instead. The applications of Call of the Haunted are pretty self-explanatory so I won’t explain why I ran it. In the future I would run 2 Vanity’s Emptiness and 2 Trap Stun, dropping the Soul Charge because I didn’t like it very much.

Most of the deck is standard in my opinion. I suppose most people do not run the full Artifact suite, but I think the Artifact suite makes it so the opponent is incapable of siding anything that’s relevant, they just have to outplay the deck to win. I also think the Artifacts make this deck absurdly aggressive, and as anybody who’s watched me play with this deck or Artifacts in general, they know I just kind of go Ham with this deck. I don’t play control or cautious, I go in fast and hard. I built the deck with that in mind.

Most people also don’t run Core, but I don’t really know why. I was amazing all day.  You summon Construct and send it with her effect and immediately retrieve Shaddoll Fusion so it doesn’t get stranded in the graveyard if the opponent doesn’t send Construct to the graveyard ala Phoenix Wing Wind Blast, Karma Kut, Castel, etc.


For the event it was very low 100s for attendance, Top 16 get invites.

Round 1. Me vs. Lon (Retro Burn)

Lon was a really nice guy, after the duel we had a nice little conversation about yugioh. I thought he was going to be more angry after the duel so I was a little scared, I’m glad we could be so casual after the duel was over.

Game 1: I go first, summon Armageddon to Squamata send Falco, standard stuff. Set some cards. He goes and Dualities revealing burn and stall cards, I don’t remember what he takes, then sets 3 plays a stall Continuous Spell and ends. I end phase Shadow Games a Dragon to destroy a random face-down and flip Falco reviving the Dragon. During my turn he standbys Ceasefire flipping my Dragon with no effect, he chains Secret Barrel.  He now only has what I think was Level Limit Area B. I make a Castel and just attack. After that I set a couple more. He goes sets some cards, plays Messenger of Peace and ends. During his end phase I do a combination of Ignition and Sanctum to destroy a face-down Level Limit and summon 2 Artifacts. My turn I spin Messenger and get rid of his other set cards and attack for game.

Game 2: I don’t remember this game very well, but I win on turn 5 pretty decisively without taking any damage.

1 – 0

Round 2 Me vs. Holden (Burning Abyss)

In all fairness, I have literally never played against this deck with any deck before except two random times online when I wasn’t using a serious deck. That to say I have no idea how to play against this deck. My build is also very much not built to face Burning Abyss, thus the addition of Trap Stun and Emptiness in my ideal build. Trap Stun does a lot of work in this match-up.

Game 1: I go first, I have a Moralltach, a Shaddoll Fusion, 2 Call of the Haunted and BLS. Pretty doo doo. Set 2 Call and end. He does BA stuff and attacks and sets 3. I go and draw something I couldn’t use and end. He summons 2 Dantes and attacks. I go activate Shaddoll Fusion, he chain Emptiness. I end. He attacks for game.

Game 2: I end up opening practically the same except I have a Malevolent Catastrophe which I set with Moralltach. He sets (a Scarm) and 4 backrow and ends. I do nothing and end. He summons Raiza bouncing Moralltach and attacks and I MalCat, he has no Trap Stun or chain-ables surprisingly. He sets 1 and searches Cir in the End Phase. I play Shaddoll Fusion with Moralltach and Squamata, make Construct and send Dragon and Falco (instead of Core because I sided it, I realized I should never side it out this game because of this). Dragon sets off his Phoenix Wing, discard Cir to bounce Construct. Cir specials Scarm from grave who dies. I set Moralltach and Double Cyclone. He end phase searches Tour Guide. He summons Alucard and pops Falco then attacks. I draw Dragon next turn and scoop.

And now I’ve been taught about Burning Abyss…

1 – 1

Round 3: Me vs. Andrew (Batteryman)

Game 1: I go first, Armageddon, Squamata, Falco set 2. He sets 1 monster and 3 back row. End Phase Shadow Games, send Beast flip Falco (the standard wombo combo). My standby he activates Mind Crush calling Shaddoll Fusion, which I don’t have and randomly discards Fuel Cell, at which point I now know he’s running Batterymen, meaning the set monsters is Micro-cell. I flip Beast and discard Dragon, pop a card. Summon Arcanite and pop his monster and his last back row. I summon Squamata and attack with Armaggedon, Arcanite and Squamata then Super-Poly and attack with Construct. He draws to two cards and scoops.

Game 2: He opens with 9V and sets 2. I open with Armageddon again and Artifacts. He play Stormforth and tributes Falco and summons Charger, he uses its effect summoning 9V. 9V effect I chain Sanctum getting Beagalltach popping a Moralltach to pop Charger. He searches Industrial Strength and attack Moralltach.I play Shaddoll Fusion making Construct popping his last face-down with Dragon and attack with Construct and something else. He draws into Trap Stun and scoops.

2 – 1

Round 4: Me vs. Kyle (Shaddoll Artifacts)

Is a Kyle mirror mirror match. Two Kyles running the same deck. All three games where very long, so I don’t remember many details.

Game 1: Really back and forth, but I’m down in advantage the whole game, I have to Super Poly his monsters during his Main Phase or I would lose. This allows him to play Shaddoll Fusion using deck material and then he summons BLS and wins.

Game 2: I do a Volcasaurus OTK on his Moralltach and win.

Game 3: I’m way up in advantage the whole game, but we go into time and I’m down by about 600 until my turn 4 of time. He has no cards in hand a Winda, a face-down Falco and a set card which I assumed was a Sanctum (it ends up being Call of the Haunted, which is pretty much the same because he has Moralltach in grave). I have a face-up Beast and Moralltach and a set Squamata and 3 set cards that don’t matter (if I recall it was 2 Artifacts and a Sanctum) I have Shaddoll Fusion, Beast and another card in hand and draw into Mind Control. I have just about infinite ways to win this game with this hand and field, but for no reason I Mind Control Falco, flip it and use its effect to revive Beast and then I face-palm realizing I just locked out all of my special summons. If I was thinking on my toes I would normal summoned Beast over my card I set with Falco and then attempted to crash Beast with Winda, my opponent would Call Moralltach popping a Beast, then I crash the other Beast into Winda. Main Phase 2 I could Shaddoll Fusion into Winda and make Volcasaurus to pop Moralltach for 2100 damage. Then my opponent would only have Shaddoll Fusion plus a random draw to do 1500 damage through 2 defense mode monsters and a Sanctum plus 2 Artifacts set. But I don’t do that and attack with Beast with normal summoning my second Beast and lose right there.

I was very sad. Good news is the other Kyle tops.

2 – 2

Round 5: Me vs. Lance (Dark Worlds)

Devin lost to him the round prior due to Raigeki! Haha!

Game 1: I go first, set Dragon, Sanctum and Shadow Games.He plays Dealings, I discard Falco. He does same Grapha stuff killing the Falco and tries to use gates which I Moralltach. He summons Trance Archfiend, discard Beige, summon Beige, bounce for Grapha. Grapha kill my Moralltach, he attacks with Trance I use Shadow Games sending Beast flipping Dragon to bounce Trance. My turn I draw and summon Armageddon send Squamata send Falco then make Castel and Spin Grapha. I set another Moralltach and Cyclone. He End Phase flips Smog and discards Beige banishing my Squamata. During his standby I cycling his Smog and my Moralltach and Moralltach pops Beige. He sets one and ends. I flip Falco then Normal a Dragon and attack for game.

Game 2: He lets me go first, dunno why. I open Armaggedon to Squamata Falco. Set Sanctum and Shadow Games and Core. He goes and summons Trance. He discards Broww. He activates Gates and I Shadow Games sending Dragon popping Gates flipping Falco. I set Dragon with Falco. He attacks I Sanctum to kill Trance. My turn I flip Dragon bounce his backrow and XYZ for Castel and flip my Falco back down then flip summon and revive the Dragon I detached from Castel. Atrack with all three set another Shadow Games and end. He summons another Trance and I play Shadow Games and bounce Trance with Dragon. My turn I attack for game.

3 – 2

Round 6: Me vs. Drew (Fire Fist Satellarknights)

Drew is the same Drew I roomed with before the event. At first I was kind of unhappy because I had to play Drew, but then I realized I never actually play him so I was fine with it.

Game 1: All I remember is a really fast game that ended with Drew doing and Exciton Knight killing my Construct set Falco, 2 Moralltachs and a Sanctum and him scooping.

Game 2: Potentially and even more dominating game than the first. Artifact really give the Fire Fist portion of his deck a hard time. I win pretty handedly.

4 – 2

Round 7: Me vs. Zaakir (Geargia)

Geargia was a bit of a surprise to see for the final round. He was using Geargiaugar, which basically makes and instant Gear Gigant X by searching Accelerator. Neat I guess.

Game 1: I pretty much open the nuts, Armageddon plus Shadow Games and Sanctum and BLS. It’s really quick.

Game 2: I perform some super wombo combos this game. He goes first summons Geargiaugar searches Accelerator sets 2 and ends. I set 4 and end. He summons 2 Gear Gigants and doesn’t attack for some reason and sets a 3 card. I end phase Ignition his new set card which is Call of the Haunted. I then activate Sanctum to summon Beagalltach and attempt to pop my own Moralltach, he chains Soul Drain and I chain Trap Stun, and he chains his last set card, MST, to destroy my last set card, another Sanctum. Chain resolves and then a new chain occurs with Sanctum destroying one Gear Gigant and Moralltach being summoned and then popping his Soul Drain. My turn I draw into BLS (which was literally unnecessary at this point). He only has a a Gear Gigant X on board. I activate Shaddoll Fusion making Construct with material from the deck. I make Volcasaurus with the two artifacts and pop Gigant for 2300, then make Gaia Dragon and then summon BLS and attack for game.

5 – 2

I end 5 – 2, which is pretty good, but I get 18th, and even more lame is that Justen get 17th. This is pretty hilarious considering it was a top 16. Too bad I guess, my misplay against the mirror cost me my top. I learned how to play my deck very well in the end though, which I suppose is what I would take out of this whole thing.

My friend Kevin dropped early on even though he had only lost twice, and entered two win a mat tournaments and got 2nd place in both. Rough luck for our whole group.

After the event we go to this Denny’s by the Airport and the waiter gives us a bunch of free food for some reason. Because it was so awesome we decided to make tradition of going to this Denny’s after each Spokane regionals.

We end up getting home around 3 again and I fall asleep instantly! I’m so exhausted!

Written by: Kyle Oliver

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