SPYRAL Deck Profile (Post MACR)

A deck profile utilizing the new SPYRAL support, and some other new stuff.

I saw that the new Subterror support was also announced and was tempted to make an article about those new cards, similar to my previous SPYRAL article, but I figured I would go ahead with my plan to do a SPYRAL deck profile since I’ve been doing a lot of testing. I potentially will review to Subterror cards next week if I’ve done enough testing with those to have a more definitive opinion on their potential and the avenues they open up for the deck.

Until then though, we have all this new SPYRAL junk, and it really makes the deck a cohesive whole. The deck is much more consistent and can combo very effectively into difficult to break boards as well as OTKs. I would say the deck doesn’t play in a particularly intuitive manner so it’s unlikely to catch on competitively if it ends up being really powerful, which I think there’s quite a good chance of, so I wouldn’t expect to see more than a single deck at high events at infrequent spurts. I will say though that I think with this new support that SPYRALs are pretty viable on the competitive level.

I wouldn’t say this is any kind of definitive build for SPYRALs by any means. There’s a lot of room for improvement in the following build, which I’ll discuss in my article. There’s also a huge monetary ceiling for this deck, considering the Extra Deck can be souped up with a YCS prize card that legitimately improves the deck by a lot. There’s also a lot of avenues that I thought of exploring with this deck that seem smart but I’m still unsure of. What I do have here though is an effective build using the new cards and a lot of new combos that it has brought about. I’ve, for the first time with this deck, tested enough with it to be able to optimize a lot of the card values of cards that I would’ve otherwise just ran as simple three-ofs, which I’m sure is noticeable in the build since the only monster 3-of is Quik-Fix. With that intro, here’s the deck and some explanations:

Monsters: (19)

  • 1 SPYRAL Sleeper
  • 2 SPYRAL Master Plan
  • 1 SPYRAL Tough
  • 2 SPYRAL Super Agent
  • 2 SPYRAL GEAR – Last Resort
  • 3 Speedroid Terrortop
  • 1 Speedroid Taketomborg
  • 1 Maxx “C”
  • 3 SPYRAL Quik-Fix
  • 1 SPYRAL GEAR – Drone
  • 1 D.D. Crow

Spells: (20)

  • 1 One for One
  • 2 Foolish Burial Goods
  • 3 Machine Duplication
  • 3 Terraforming
  • 1 Foolish Burial
  • 2 Twin Twisters
  • 2 SPYRAL MISSION – Assault
  • 2 SPYRAL GEAR – Big Red
  • 1 SPYRAL GEAR – Fully Armed
  • 3 SPYRAL Resort

Traps: (2)

  • 2 SPYRAL GEAR – Utility Wire

Extra Deck: (15)

XYZ: (15)

  • 1 Ghostrick Angel of Mischief
  • 1 Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer
  • 1 Minerva, the Exalted Lightsworn
  • 1 Gagaga Cowboy
  • 1 Totem Bird
  • 1 M-X-Saber Invoker
  • 1 Dante, Traveler of the Burning Abyss
  • 2 Sylvan Princessprite
  • 2 Ghostrick Dullahan
  • 1 Number 54: Lion Heart
  • 2 Lyrilusc – Recite Starling
  • 1 Number F0: Utopic Future

General Strategy:

What I typically aim for in this deck is to at the bare minimum to have a SPYRAL Super Agent with a Last Resort equipped to it on the field at all times. Then, the next layer I want to build onto that is to back that up with a Utility Wire, and third, if I can muster itm I want to also get a SPYRAL Sleeper on the board. In general getting the Sleeper on board means I also probably searched a D.D. Crow to hand and can also equip a Last Resort to Sleeper. That makes the ultimate board for this deck a Sleeper and a Super Agent both equipped with Last Resort as well as a Utility Wire, D.D. Crow, and just because whenever this play happens a Number F0: Utopic Future as well.

This ideal board presents two basic ideas: easy OTKs as well as a lot of control during the opponent’s turn. The D.D. Crow, Sleeper and Utility Wire are a lot of cards to break through, not to mention the fact that if you do there’s still two monsters equipped with Last Resort making them practically invulnerable.


Speedroid Terrortop + SPYRAL Resort

  • Speedroid combo to make M-X-Saber Invoker.
  • Invoker summons SPYRAL Super Agent from deck.
  • SPYRAL Resort to search SPYRAL Quik-Fix.
  • Normal Quik-Fix and search SPYRAL GEAR – Last Resort.
  • Equip Last Resort to Super Agent.
  • Last Resort sends Quik-Fix to the graveyard.

This play is pretty important because it can set up a lot of different scenarios depending on what else you have in hand. For example if you have another Quik-Fix you can do this:

  • Discard Quik-Fix to summon Quik-Fix from the graveyard.
  • Quik-Fix searches SPYRAL GEAR  – Drone.
  • Discard Drone to summon 2nd Quik-Fix.
  • 2nd Quik-Fix searches SPYRAL GEAR – Big Red.
  • XYZ Summon Sylvan Princessprout, use her effect for a free extra card.
  • Discard extra card to summon Quik-Fix.
  • Quik-Fix searches SPYRAL GEAR – Utility Wire.
  • Use Big Red to summon Drone, Drone stacks the opponent’s deck.
  • XYZ Drone and and Quik-Fix to make Lyrilusc – Recite Starling.
  • Starling boosts Super Agent or Invoker by 600 ATK and searches D.D. Crow.
  • XYZ Starling and Princessprout for Number F0: Utopic Future.

This ends with you having a Last Resort equipped Super Agent, (which keeps it from being destroyed by Invoker’s effect) an Invoker, an F0: Utopic Future, a Utility Wire for control, and a D.D. Crow in hand. Pretty solid for 3 cards. This all hopefully gets you an idea of the kind of weird plays you can make with this deck, because you can do a lot of different stuff depending on what you put into the Extra Deck and what else you have in the hand to discard.

Funny idea I had, since in a lot of the combos I was working with for this deck I search D.D. Crow with Recite Starling, it’s possible to search other level 1 Winged Beast monsters. Probably the dopiest idea I had, but never tested, was to use this to search Blackwing – Vayu the Emblem of Honor. You can discard Vayu as well as another blackwing that you’re likely running for all of your Quik-Fix combos to give you a meaty body for more easy OTKs. Probably not the best idea ever but I thought it would be funny. This also allows a more reasonable usage of Allure of Darkness in the deck.

SPYRAL Master Plan + SPYRAL GEAR – Last Resort

This card is wildly more important than it has been in the past because of Last Resort. If you can summon a Master Plan, which is pretty easy, you can use Last Resort to send that Mast Plan to the graveyard which activates Master Plan’s effect to search a SPYRAL Resort and a SPYRAL monster. You also get a SPYRAL MISSION – Assault as a bonus in the middle. Whenever you do this you’re almost certainly setup to get a SPYRAL Sleeper with Last Resort equipped to it on the board, which is incredibly good because this lets you destroy 2 cards with his effect during the opponent’s turn by targeting himself and every time you do you draw a card because of Assault.

In order to get a Master Plan onto the field there is a couple easy options. First, and probably the most prominent method, is by discarding Master Plan to summon SPYRAL Quik-Fix and using that Quik-Fix to search Big Red. That Big Red can then be used to revive Master Plan. So here’s an example play involving a 4 card combo:

SPYRAL Resort + SPYRAL Super Agent/Speedroid Terrortop + Quik-Fix + Master Plan

Because of Resort you can usually swap out combo pieces for different cards, so you can have 2 Quik-Fix and a Resort, or 2 Resorts and a Master Plan or Quik-Fix, etc. making this combo more likely though still it is a four card combo.

  • By some means Special Summon SPYRAL Super Agent.
  • Normal Quik-Fix, get Last Resort putting it on Super Agent.
  • Last Resort sends Quik-Fix to the graveyard.
  • Use Resort to get a second Quik-Fix and pitch it to summon the other Quik-Fix.
  • Quik-Fix searches Big Red.
  • Discard Master Plan to summon 2nd Quik-Fix.
  • 2nd Quik-Fix search another Last Resort.
  • Use Big Red to revive Master Plan, Master Plan searches SPYRAL MISSION – Assault.
  • Equip another Last Resort to Super Agent.
  • 2nd Last Resort sends Master Plan to the graveyard.
  • Master Plan searches SPYRAL Resort and SPYRAL Sleeper.
  • Play Second SPYRAL Resort and search Quik-Fix.
  • XYZ the 2 Quik-Fix for Lyrilusc – Recite Starling.
  • Starling boosts Super Agent by 600 ATK and searches D.D. Crow.
  • Discard Quik-Fix in hand for Quik-Fix in graveyard.
  • New Quik-Fix searches SPYRAL GEAR – Drone
  • Discard Drone for 3rd Quik-Fix.
  • 3rd Quik-Fix searches SPYRAL GEAR – Utility Wire.
  • XYZ Summon for Princessprout using 2 Quik-Fix and get a free card with her effect.
  • XYZ Summon Number F0: Utopic Future with Starling and Princessprout.
  • Special Summon SPYRAL Sleeper from hand by banishing SPYRAL Resort, Big Red and Master Plan from the graveyard.

This ends and you have a SPYRAL Sleeper, a Super Agent with a 600 ATK boost and two Last Resorts on it, an F0: Utopic Future, a SPYRAL Resort, a SPYRAL MISSION – Assault from drawing some more cards, a D.D. Crow, and a Utility Wire set. You also end with a Drone in the graveyard to shuffle back with Resort so you can keep it on the field. This is a great combo for when you’re going first to hopefully prevent the opponent from playing Yugioh. Counting the D.D. Crow, you should have 3 cards in hand if you’re going first giving you good odds of making follow-ups if the opponent breaks through your field especially considering you’ll probably draw a card during the opponent’s turn with the combination of Sleeper and Assault and because you have the potential of having Resort to get a search during your  next turn.

Card Choices:

So, like I said this isn’t the definitive SPYRAL build, there are a lot of places that can be changed. Here are what I think to be some of the non-essential cards of the deck:

  • Maxx “C”
    • I mean, this card doesn’t really do anything, I understand it’s Maxx “C” and all that entails, but honestly running 1 seems silly to me so if I decide on anything else that can be run in this deck this is an easy card to remove first.
  • 1 Master Plan, 1 Assault, 2 Foolish Burial Goods
    • I think that running at least 1 Master Plan and Assault is a good idea, if not neccessary for the combos it brings. The other 4 cards above are fluffy, potentially unneeded. They increase the possibility of getting combos off on your first turn though because you need for ways to get both a Super Agent and a Quik-Fix onto the field in the same turn in order to any combos. At the very least you could drop the 1 Master Plan and 1 Assault and keep the two Goods, but that seems weird to me.
  • D.D. Crow
    • This isn’t all that neccessary a card, but I really like the idea of being able to add it amidst all the Quik-Fix combos as a free card. D.D. Crow also has pretty high utility at the moment, which is nice, but once again it’s not a neccessary card by any means.
  • SPYRAL Tough
    • This card is all about utility. It’s the kind of ultimate out to anything card for the deck, but in the end that means I don’t use it that often if I can pull off my regular plays. There’s a case to be made that this card could instead be put in the side deck in favor of more combo oriented cards, but I always like having 1 card utility cards in the main deck, especially if they’re so easy for the deck to access.
  • 1 SPYRAL GEAR – Utility Wire
    • In theory you only really need the 1 copy of this card because you typically go for attacking OTKs after the turn you search it, meaning you don’t need a backup defense. The card is still really good in grind scenarios though so I decided to still run the two even though I can convince myself to just run the 1 copy.
  • Twin Twister
    • You don’t technically need this card either, but it really supports going second for this deck. Discarding cards is a real benefit for this deck, and since there’s no other ways to discard I can think of nearly as effective as this it make a nice place in the deck. In the end though it’s still isn’t neccessary in an sense.

Together that adds up to 10 card slots that could easily be changed, which I think gives this deck a lot of potential leeway for builds going forward.

Potential Cards:

With those ten potential spaces there are a lot of different things you can put into the deck. Here’s some of the ideas I’ve had.

  • Fusion Garbage:
    • There’s a lot of Fusion stuff that can be run in this deck: Brilliant Fusion, Instant Fusion, and Predaplants.
    • Brilliant Fusion acts in a similar way to the Foolish Burial Goods and Assault plays, it allows you to easily get both a Super Agent and a Quik-Fix onto the board. In order to run you need to run the 1 Gem-Knight as well mostly likely Charming Resort Staff, being LIGHT and having an alright graveyard effect that pertains to SPYRALs.
    • Instant Fusion is just a simple play extender. You can get more damage on board for OTKs with a Rank 4. You can also revive Super Agent to allow an easy way to rebuild a destroyed board. The shuffle back effect of Resort is also pretty neat with Norden, allowing you to use him more than once per game.
    • Also being release in MACR is a small Predaplant engine that can potentially replace the Speedroid engine. The engine is to run 3 Predaplant Ophrys Scorpio and 1 to 2 Predaplant Darlingtonia Cobra. Scorpio summons Cobra from the deck when summoned by discarding a monster. Whenever Cobra is summoned by a Predaplant it adds a Fusion card to your hand, in this deck’s case likely Brilliant Fusion. Both Predaplants are level 3 meaning you can still make Invoker.
  • Milling
    • There’s still a lot of potential for this deck to mill. I would certainly recommend making a 60 card build for this deck and running That Grass Look Greener and perhaps a bunch of Lightsworns. In that instance you would probably add back the card SPYRAL MISSION – Rescue and go to 3 copies of Foolish Burial Goods. I’m personally not a fan of 60 card decks, though I understand the competitive suicide of not running a 60 card deck. Hopefully once Konami gets there reprint money from the tins they can limit Grass to 1 to remove the degeneracy from the game.
  • Hand Traps
    • Hand traps are the most likely card to be added to the deck because they give this deck a lot more control and they heavily benefit from the random drawing that Assault provides. SPYRALs have always been friendly to hand traps as well because they add fodder to the graveyard to keep SPYRAL Resort on the field by shuffling them back into the deck. More than likely I would add 2 Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring and 2 Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit to the deck if I was able.
  • Regular Traps
    • Another very viable possibility would be adding a bunch of regular traps to the deck. I personally really like running a limited Artifact engine in this deck. 3 Artifact Sanctum, 1 Artifact Lancea and 1 Artifact Scythe. You should theoretically never run out of targets for Sanctum since you can always shuffle them back with Resort. I would then likely add Dimensional Barrier as additional traps.
  • Lyrilusc
    • The bad news is I have no idea when Lyrilusc – Recite Starling will be released in the TCG and I was under the assumption that they would put it in the back of MACR, but I was wrong, so we don’t know when all this stuff will work, but here’s some ideas involving these little guys; I’ve tested this one out and I think it works quite well. There’s a pretty varied amount of them that can be run successfully, from as little as 2 Lyrilusc to the full 9 (there’s only 3 total). They add some neat combos and OTKs that you wouldn’t have otherwise. They take full advantage of the easy means of making Rank 1 XYZ in SPYRALs. In the combos I showed above I always went for a Sylvan Princessprout and a Lyrilusc – Recite Starling when making 2 Rank 1 XYZ. If you run Lyriluscs in the deck you can do this instead:
      • Make 2 Lyrilusc – Recite Starling.
      • The first searches Lyrilusc – Cobalt Sparrow, the second Lyrilusc – Sapphire Swallow.
      • Then you can use Sapphire’s effect, since you control a Winged Beast, the Special Summon both itself and Cobalt from the hand.
      • When Cobalt is Special Summoned you can add any Winged Beast from your deck to the hand, for example D.D. Crow.
      • You can then XYZ Cobalt and Sapphire for Lyrilusc – Assembled Nightingale.
    • Nightingale protects both itself and the other Recite Starlings from destruction and battle damage. This can usually keep at least one on the field to search again next turn and even provide some insane crashing damage with Recite Starlings battle effect (potentially OTKing people depending on their board).

That’s alls I gots to say! If you want to know anything specific feel free to comment below!

Written by: Kyle Oliver

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