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Subterror Round-Up 02: INOV

I’ve been playing a lot with the new Subterrors and here’s some takeaways and strategies.


August 29th Banlist Thoughts

My thoughts on each of the changes to the August 29th banlist.


Side Decks at Nationals

A quick look at some cards I liked from people’s sides at the North American WCQ.


Happy 4th of July!

Happy fourth everyone!

harpie splash

Harpie Tech 2016

Somehow I’ve spent the last month with Harpies. I’ve had an academic sort of fun with them. I’ve tested their Xyz options, many main deck options, and tried to add…


Monarchs Thoughts

I muddle through some of my thoughts on Monarchs.


Ban List Thoughts

My personal opinions on the potentially upcoming ban list.

Harpies vs Kozmo

Harpies vs Kozmos

In my previous article, I talk more than a little about this match-up for Harpies. I spent some more time trying to figure it out and the results were more interesting…