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More Stall Ideas

It’s time for some more stalling!

Dinomist Deskbot

Dinomists and Deskbot 001?

I’m considering what to do about regionals. I’ve been playing Dinomists for a few weeks now and really like the straightforward nature of the deck. It’s power comes from two…


Dinomist Deck for 2016

Testing Dinomists I can’t believe how easy the Dinomist archetype is to use. Without any real thought, I shoved the entire Dinomist line-up into a build, including their spell and…

Ritual Beast Splash

Deck Profile: Shaddolls

YCS Seattle (in Tacoma) is upon us, so it’s time for a more competitive deck profile: Shaddolls.


Deck Profile: Ultra Athletes (U.A.)

You know that TCG exclusive archetype that isn’t Burning Abyss? Me either.


Episode 107 – Elemental Dragons

Matt, Kyle, Justen and special guest Joe discuss the tidal wave, or inferno rather, or quake, no..typhoon? Well, the something that Elemental Dragons (Dragon Rulers) bring to the Meta. That…