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Deck Profile: Nekroz (post 11/9/15 Ban List)

Now that the deck is super cheap I’ve been playing around with it a lot for fun.


News and Regionals – E156

We discuss Yugiohs upcoming releases, as well as Justen and Kyle’s Regionals trip.


Episode 154 – Pre-Banlist Council

We discuss the Pre-Banlist meta, predictions, and the state of the game.


Episode 153 – General Discussion Mar 2015

Matt, Kyle, and Justen discuss the current meta, news, and their feelings on the current game state!


Episode 148 – January 2015 Banlist

Matt, Kyle and Justen discuss the new OCG banlist. Just as they are going to talk about their TCG predictions, the real TCG list appears!


Episode 144 – Gameplay Discussion

Matt, Kyle, and Justen discuss some of the latest news and information about the Yugioh and the meta.


Episode 135 – Fish and Swaps and Madolches

A Combo-sode of sords! We talk about our experience with the spell card Fish and Swaps, while Justen gives an update on Madolches post Primal Origin.

Top5 copy

Top 5 Cards of the January 2014 Format

It’s true, our new season has arrived with the coming of April 1st. But, I wanted to review a few cards that I think found success in “Season 1” of…


Banishing – Everyone’s Doing It

While taking part in the Seattle Regionals, I realized how integral Banishing has become to dueling in general. Most mainstream decks have an element of it, while the top decks