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Crossed Souls Impact – E158

There’s no way that Matt, Kyle, and returning guest Joe could miss talking about the Crossed Souls set release…no way at all.


January 1st 2015 Ban List

The new January 1st ban list has been posted by Konami for the TCG. Here it is:


Top 10 Cards I Want Out of the Game

Because I have nothing else to write about this week, for your reading pleasure: 10 cards I’m tired of seeing.


Episode 097 – The OCG

If you’ve ever wondered what the OCG is or why it’s important, or how it effects the you and the TCG, we answer your questions in this episode. There’s also…

Episode 040 – Monarchs and Banned Card History

Play Episode 040 Online – Download In this episode, Matt, Kyle and Justen discuss how to run Monarchs successfully and how to approach their play-style. They follow that up with…