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Episode 136 – Jinzo and Pre Ban List Talk

Who hasn’t flirted with the idea of a Jinzo deck? Kyle and Matt take spend some time play-testing and discussing Jinzo based decks, while also getting into a pre ban…

Top5 copy

Top 5 Cards of the January 2014 Format

It’s true, our new season has arrived with the coming of April 1st. But, I wanted to review a few cards that I think found success in “Season 1” of…


Episode 122 – Bujins

A discussion on the cards and plays that make Bujins run. We go over their effects and the decks we tested for the podcast. Click to Listen Online Right Click/Save…


Prince Yamato – Bujin Deck Profile

Where do you start with Bujins? They have a ton of support, a lot of good cards, and are clearly regarded as a potential “Konami favorite.” But are they Blackwing…


Bujin Deck Profile, Post LVAL

To supplement our upcoming Bujin Podcast, here’s the deck I’ve been working on for the discussion. I’ve been having some great success with it. This build is post Legacy of…


Episode 120 – January 1st 2014 Banlist Speculation

Dragon Rulers, Evilswarms, Mermail, Prophecy, Constellars, which of these decks deserve judgement? In anticipation of the new banlist, Matt and Kyle discuss their predictions, as well as their hopes, for…


Episode 116 – I Can See Your Aeolo

In this episode, Justen, Kyle and Matt discuss the Shadow Specters set before it releases and