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Amorphage Deck Profile (update 06/06/16)

A vastly improved and updated version of the previous Amorphage deck.


Deck Profile: Buster Blader

None other than a Buster Blader deck. Don’t get your hopes up.

Buster Blader Splash

Buster Blader’s new support is underwhelming

The greatest dragon-slayer is brought up into the new yugioh era with support released in the Breakers of Shadow set. A new Buster Blader-themed Fusion, 1 new Synchro, 1 new…


Deck Profile: Lightsworn Rulers

I madeĀ a few changes to my Lightsworn Ruler deck, here’s my updated build.


Deck Profile: Lightsworn Ruler October 2014

After the changes I had talked about and some testing, here’s my new take on Lightsworn Rulers.


Deck Profile: Shaddoll Reptiles

For lack of a better name for the deck’s title, I called it “Shaddoll Reptiles”, but it’s barely Shaddolls because the deck only has 5 Shaddoll cards tota. A better…


Lightsworn Dragon Rulers, July 2014

The dust has finally settled, here’s my Lightsworn build with all the new stuff that’s come out as well as some talk on future tech.