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Blue Eyes Splash

Blue Eyes Support – Deck Testing

This new stuff is fun. I was very inclined to put together a Blue Eyes deck after having so much fun with the Dark Magician support that released a while…

Dead or not

Episode 128 – Pre-April 2014 Ban List and Regionals

A discussion on the upcoming April 2014 Ban list and our trip to regionals. After the show wraps up, we discuss our current Yugioh activities. Check out the Official April 1st…


Lightsworn Dragon Rulers, January 2014

As requested by Hobo Bob, here’s my current Lightsworn Ruler deck list.

Episode 096 - Banlist Predictions

Episode 096 – Banlist Predictions

The new banned list quickly approaches. Before it arrives, we talk about some of the cards and decks that might be hit.

E095 - Ninja Training

Episode 095 – Ninja Training

We go over a ton of Ninja combos and strategies, discuss their increasing power as new sets are released, and delve into a heaping helping of segues.

Episode 066 – Chaos Dragons

Click to Listen Online Right Click/Save As to Download Episode 066 – Chaos Dragons Dragons have unleashed the volatile powers of light and darkness. Could their strategy become a fearsome…

Structure Deck Duel – Dragon’s Roar vs Blaze of Destruction

Matt wields the fury of the dragons with the first Yu-Gi-Oh! structure deck ever created, Dragon’s Roar. In opposition, Kyle seeks to set the world aflame with his structure deck…

Episode 035 – Dragons!

Play Episode 035 Online – Download News: Collector’s Tin’s Wave 2: November 1st Number 10: Illuminknight Solemn Warning Malefic Stardust Dragon Ehren, Lightsworn Monk Coming Soon Galaxy-Eyes Phonton Dragon Solemn…