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Subterror Round-up

Idea for deck building including the new Subterror archetype.


Episode 145 – The New Challengers

Matt and Kyle discuss their recent Yu-Gi-Oh! history, including regionals, as well as the upcoming New Challengers set.


Episode 137 – News and Things

Matt, Justen, and Kyle return to discuss the new decks they’ve been playing as well as the new July Ban List and rule changes!

Dead or not

Deck Profile – Basic Geargia

I tested this deck during our Geargia Podcast and discovered an arsenal of core monsters that reproduce themselves like a factory. As you’ll see, my deck is pretty basic, but…


Don’t Destroy Stuff.

If we take a peek into the future, a meta resilient to destruction is just around the corner. How should we deal with this?


Episode 130 – Geargia

Despite the readily available Machine hate, Geargias have seen a lot of competitive play recently. We delve into why they’ve become popular and discuss Geargia strategy. Check out the¬†Official April…

Episode 083 – Machines

Click to Listen Online Right Click/Save As to Download Episode 083 – Machines Matt, Kyle, and Justen discuss the current most popular Machines like Geargia, Karakuris, Machinas, and Gadgets.