Gishkis Part 3 – Gishki Support – The Ritual Djinns

The Djinn of Rituals monsters are an archetype whose main goal is to be used as material for ritual summons. They can all be utilized from the hand, the field, and even banished from the graveyard when used as ritual material. This allows them to be tributed at least twice, once from the hand or field, and once from the graveyard.

In this article, we’ll discuss the different ways in which Gishkis can use them. However, I will not be discussing the Level 1 Djinn Disserere of Rituals because it has extremely low playability with Evigishki Mind Augus and Evigishki Soul Ogre. Gishki Vanity would provide adequate protection, is searchable, recoverable, and can be used to summon Mind Augus effectively. So, without further ado…

Gishkis Part 2 – Gishki Rituals – GenForce through HA5

The following highlighted cards will be discussed in detail in this article.

Effect Monsters: Gishki Diviner, Gishki Beast, Gishki Abyss, Gishki Vanity, Gishki Marker, [highlight]Gishki Chain[/highlight], [highlight]Gishki Ariel[/highlight], Gishki Shadow.

Ritual Monsters: [highlight]Evigishki Mind Augus[/highlight], [highlight]Evigishki Soul Ogre[/highlight] Ritual Spells: [highlight]Gishki Aquamirror[/highlight]

The current Gishki ritual monsters, and their current ritual spell, give you a taste of things to come. In this article, we’ll talk about some of the strategy behind the Gishki ritual monsters and their great ritual spell, Gishki Aquamirror.

Gishki’s Part 1 – Gishki Core – GenForce through HA5

The  highlighted will be discussed at length in the current article. You should at least be familiar with the ritual monsters and the ritual spell listed.

Effect Monsters: Gishki Diviner, [highlight]Gishki Beast[/highlight], [highlight]Gishki Abyss[/highlight], Gishki Vanity, [highlight]Gishki Marker[/highlight], Gishki Chain, Gishki Ariel, [highlight] Gishki Shadow[/highlight].

Ritual Monsters: Evigishki Mind AugusEvigishki Soul Ogre

Ritual Spells: Gishki Aquamirror

Gaining Advantage

Each Gishki monster, with the exception of Vanity, attempts to fetch cards to your hand in some way. You can easily rate the ones that will be most useful to you based on how quickly and accurately they can perform their effect.