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harpie splash

Harpie Tech 2016

Somehow I’ve spent the last month with Harpies. I’ve had an academic sort of fun with them. I’ve tested their Xyz options, many main deck options, and tried to add…


Chaos Dragon Monarch?

Some interesting ideas using the new card: Beatrice, Lady of the Eternal.


Oh Noden #1

Curious what Noden would look like with Plants, Shaddolls, Junk Synchro, and Lightsworns? Yeah, me too.  


World Superstars Talk – E157

Matt, Kyle, and Justen discuss the latest World Superstars set release!


Masked Hero Koga – Card Review

Dabbling in the stoic history of Light Warriors, Masked Hero Koga arrives in the Hero’s Strike Structure Deck.


Masked HERO Deck Profile

Correlating with our new Masked HERO podcast I bring you a Masked HERO deck profile.


Episode 148 – January 2015 Banlist

Matt, Kyle and Justen discuss the new OCG banlist. Just as they are going to talk about their TCG predictions, the real TCG list appears!


Episode 143 – Banlist – October 2014

Glow-Up Bulb, Gale, Infernity Archfiend and more are discussed in this episode about the most recent ban list, as well as some meta talk: Burning Abyss, Shaddoll, and Satellarknights.


Official October 1st 2014 Ban List

Check out the Official October 1st, 2014 Ban List. A thoroughly telling list.


Deck Profile – Destiny End Dragoon Turbo

I recently built a Destiny End Dragoon Turbo deck for our Destiny Hero podcast, check out the deck-list and explanation below!