Junk Synchron

Card Review: Junk Synchron and Synchro Fusionist

Card Review: Junk Synchron with Synchro Fusionist

Junk SynchronSynchro Fusionist

It is easy to forget that before Xyz Monsters, Synchro Monsters, and even Ritual Monsters, there were Fusions. Created to be a powerful union between two monsters, Fusions inspired duelists to dream up exciting monster combinations that used their favorite cards. Then, reality set in – Fusions were bad. Barring a handful of shining examples, Fusion Summoning has long been one of Yu-Gi-Oh’s under valued mechanics. With HEROS, and one of my favorite cards, Synchro Fusionist, Fusion Summoning has become fun and effective, allowing you to search for and set-up plays consistently.