Generation Force Special Edition

 Absolute Zero for Everyone!

Konami is releasing the Generation Force Special Edition on September 20th and the two promo cards are Elemental Hero Absolute Zero and Spore. I’m sure this move will be very well received since Absolute Zero is a very sought after card. Both will be super rare, so everyone will get their holo’d out Spore.

I’m anticipating Absolute Zero being a very hard card to pull, despite the chances supposedly being 50/50. So, I would expect to see a lot of foil Spores floating about. Either way, both cards are great and I am looking forward to HEROs making a rise.

“Next-Gen Dueling goes full speed ahead, with Generation Force Special Edition!

Here’s your second chance to get Generation Force’s heavy-hitting Xyz Monsters like Tiras, Keeper of Genesis, Adreus, Keeper of Armageddon, and Steelswarm Roach. Each Special Edition box comes with three booster packs of Generation Force PLUS one of two Super Rare variant cards: Elemental HERO Absolute Zero or Spore!

Elemental HERO Absolute Zero is one of the most popular HERO cards ever. You can Fusion Summon it using any HERO monster, and it starts off with a big 2500 Attack Points. But its best power is that whenever it leaves the field, it instantly destroys all of your opponent’s monsters! Absolute Zero works great with the new Vision HERO and Masked HERO monsters inGeneration Force. Use Mask Change to swap Absolute Zero for Masked HERO Vapor. This will destroy all your opponent’s monsters with Absolute Zero’s effect, and then Summon a new monster that can’t be destroyed!

Spore is one of the hottest cards around this season. Now you can get this incredible Tuner monster as a shiny, foil, Super Rare card! Most Tuners get used for just one Synchro Summon, but after you use Spore, you can bring it back at an even higher Level foranother Synchro Summon.  Use Spore to make 2 mid-Level Synchro Summons back-to-back, or combine it with the first monster you Synchro Summon to bring out your most powerful monster! Since Spore can change its Level, you can use it to Summon all different Ranks of Xyz Monsters as well!

Special Edition boxes give you the latest and greatest booster packs, plus foil variants of popular and hard-to-find cards. You can get the best of all worlds, and go easy on your wallet!”

Product Title: Generation Force Special Edition
Product Type: Special Edition Box
Launch Date: 9/20/2011
Konami Tournament Legal Date: 9/20/2011
MSRP: $9.99 per Box

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