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Deck Profile: Nekroz (post 11/9/15 Ban List)

Now that the deck is super cheap I’ve been playing around with it a lot for fun.

Dead or not

Yugioh Splurge 3: New Format

Just talkin’ about what I think will happen after the new ban list.


To the Side Deck!

Here, an article, about some side deck cards that have been on my mind.


Shaddoll Warrior Toolbox

This week I have an interesting concept involving Shaddolls and an unexpect Warrior Toolbox engine.


Crossed Souls Impact – E158

There’s no way that Matt, Kyle, and returning guest Joe could miss talking about the Crossed Souls set release…no way at all.


Future Shaddoll Ideas

This week I;ll take a look at some cards to be affecting Shaddolls in the future.


Washington Regional Report 5/30/12

A Regional Report from the most recent Washington Regionals on 5/30/15.


Episode 154 – Pre-Banlist Council

We discuss the Pre-Banlist meta, predictions, and the state of the game.


Episode 153 – General Discussion Mar 2015

Matt, Kyle, and Justen discuss the current meta, news, and their feelings on the current game state!